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A Trip to Spain to learn about Spanish culture for lower 6th’s students for 1 week. The year group would be very interested and it’s educational but it’s very expensive to organise and health and staff may be an issue. Talent show open to all years in the school for singing or people’s special attributes. It would be a fun event to organise and simple to organise and another thing is that’s it’s held in side school so this don’t involve travelling anywhere. The only thing that might let us down is not enough people wanting to get involved.

Go-karting in Eddie Irvine sports in Bangor for upper 6th sixth. This would be an enjoyable event to organise and easy to plan but there is a major let down which is the health and safety aspect of the whole event and it is also really expensive for the amount of time you get to go on the karts. A Fashion show for all years of school and try to let them model clothes for shops. It would be a hard event to organise as trying to find someone who would let the pupil’s model the clothes and it would be at a great price if someone actually did.

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On the other side of things it would be a very exciting event to manage and organise and I think it would be thoroughly enjoyed. Take a group hiking up the Mourne mountains for a day. This would be good exercise and would be quite interesting along with great views over County Down and Newcastle. It may not also be a popular event as there is walking involved. A Sponsored walk from Holywood to Crawfordsburn Country Park for charity and open to anyone to take part.

This event costs nothing and at the end of the day a charity benefits from the money raised from everyone and it is along a form of a non tiring exercise. From the 10 ideas which he have talked about and their strengths and weaknesses we had then to break this down into 3 ideas which we though seemed the most popular when talked about. The 3 we chose where the 6th Year meal, sponsored walk and go-karting. These then had to be put through a SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats).

We chose these 3 choices because we thought they seemed the most feasible and easy to organise. When the SWOT analysis was done we had to then as a group chose the one which we where most wanting to do but also the most see able for working out in the end. We chose the 6th Year meal as this seemed to be a feasible idea to do and everyone was very toward this idea. The was the best one to choose as it would have been a popular event with everyone and it would give everyone a chance to reflect and have a good night.