Travel positive turn around it is no

Travel and tourism industry in India has grown slowly till very recent past butas of now the scenario is different and its growth is at a rocket speed. Theincreased interest in people to explore new places and also the governmentencouragement is rapidly heightening the scope of travel and tourism both asrevenue getter and employment provider. With this positive turnaround it is no surprise that the Indian tourism industry in 2017 generatednearly US$100 billion and by 2020 it will touch US$275.

5 billion. This withoutany special mention speaks volumes about its capacity as a job provider. Theindustry experts have projected that this sector will give jobs that will fetchbetter salaries and also good perks. Based on one of the leading job portals ofIndia the below jobs will have bright future in the coming days.

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These jobswill easily be given a welcome salary of  Rs 4-6 lakhs/annum in any organisation.Travel agent: These agents sell transport,lodging, and entertainment activity tickets to persons and groups. They evenplan the trips in detail. Travel agents provide advice and suggestions on placesto visit, trip routes, and facilitate travel provisions for clienteles.

Theirmain duty and skill lies in the fact that they help customers to chalk outtravel costs within the budget. They get good salaries in addition toperformance bonus and also subsidised or free travel trips from travel agenciesand the firms they work for. Travel Executives:Travel executives givea one-stop shop experience to people as far as travelling is concerned. Theylook over all the travel enquiries— email, telephone and in-person.

 Theirroutine works include: Independent management of travel help desk·       Managing domestic/international ticketing &handling of insurance/visa. ·       Booking of rental residencies, hotels/guesthouses. And also looking after accommodation and food facilities of personalstaff of travellers. ·       Arranging seminars, conferences, events and trainingsas and when asked by travellers.

·       Coordinating between travel agents andcustomers. Tour Guide:This person acts as atutor explaining the cultural, historical and present value of places. He canbe called as a teacher on the move. Tour guides are highly in demand withtravel agencies and they even can freelance at historical places guiding thevisitors. They educate the people regarding the culture, tradition, educationand other things of the place and people who dwelled in that particular place.Tour Manager:This is the one who assistsin organizing the appearances of musical groups (bands) or an artist at differentvenues.

He is the one who administers, plans and organizes tour events. Thereare two types based on the work load, whilst road managers look after small andmid-range tours the tour managers coordinate large tours. The pay structure generallyis a base salary in addition to stipend and pay out for unseen expenses. However,for high profitable tours the tour managers are given a large base salary.Travel Coordinator:These people provide internationaland domestic transportation and make available boarding and lodging facilities fororganisations’ employees. Functions consist booking travel means and hotelrooms. They even work for individualsbut mostly for organizations and as said above they look after coordinating travelneeds mostly movement travel related functions such as flight booking andground transport. Travel Consultant:They assist clients inholiday and business travelling.

Their main task is to fetch best quotes andgive maximum satisfaction to clients. The number of consultants employed withagencies is high whilst there are also good number of self-employed consultants(14%) according to Labor Statistics.