Trends and Conditions Essay

The business proposal presented is an innovative delivery system for customer convenience, quality, and enhances trends of this current target market. We are presenting industry trends, choses in servicing details, and trending opportunities, which uses a conveyer system to deliver food, and beverages.

This system offers and alternatives for customers looking to save time, and money, while changing the conventional way dining, and enhance privacy. This new service will minimize the number of people needed to handle food products, and reduce opportunity cost.It will minimize capacity issues that come along with in house safety regulations as well as allow the customer the choice of less human interaction while enjoying a meal whether they dine in or in their car.

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New ideas that reduce the risk to personal health issues, maintaining quality, and convenient service at affordable prices to customers makes the idea attractive. Industry Trends Dietary Guidelines have slowly but surely changed how, where, and why people buy food and eat out. If a business hopes to survive, they must make gradual changes to meet customer needs and Dietary Guidelines.According to Celentano (2012): “Consumers base their decisions on convenience, ambiance, budget, what their family wants, menu options, and the brand of restaurant “. This means that all types of restaurants are trying to meet all or most of their customers’ needs.

There are even restaurants that meet these customer desires by serving sushi on a conveyor belt. There are few of these restaurants in the United States, but the idea has been introduced from Tokyo and the unique experience has received a positive response from consumers.Because food grade conveyor belts are already being used for industrial factories, functionality, cleanliness and food safety is not an issue. In the coming years, while the economy is not facing a complete “rebound to prosperity” (Riehle, 2011), the economic conditions are expected to be better than they have been. Consumers have stated they do not go to their favorite restaurants or try new ones because of money issues, so this anticipates customers being re-introduced to their favorite restaurants and the opportunity to try new ones. Service Details The industry Team C chose was the Food and Beverage Industry.The idea that we decided on was to design a system for restaurants that would minimize the need waiters and waitresses.

The way our system would accomplish this is to either have the food come to the customer by some type of conveyer belt system or through a chute type system, similar to how an elevator moves or how a bank serves customers in the drive through, to deliver orders to the customer. Using this idea would minimize the possibility of getting contaminates on the food while being brought out to the customer and the need for a large staff which would save labor costs.This system could also be used in drive-in’s, having the same benefits listed above.

According to Allen (2011) “Businesses operate daily with broken processes that never touch the ERP system. It’s common for employees to work around the system because they don’t understand how to use the software’s functionality. ” The same can be said about many other businesses, because too many people in the process of performing and producing do not understand the next department’s job.Team C’s idea for a serving system would create a stable method of getting customers their order because the system could be placed on a timer that coincides with each meal that is prepared creating a set method to serve customers. Trend Leading to Opportunity According to market research on current trends in the food and beverage industry, serving food on a conveyor system is an efficient and safe way to serve customers and prevent overcrowding in restaurants.

This type of service is highly beneficial for the food and beverage industry because of the high sanitary regulations food companies have to follow.The conveyor system fits into the trends of the food and beverage industry because it accommodates working class people who want full course meals, but have no time to dine-in the restaurants. Nowadays, people have to eat on- the- go to keep up with their busy schedules. The conveyor belt system allows customers to pick up food items of their choice instead of servers bringing their food orders to them. Another reason serving food on a conveyor system would be a good business opportunity is that people typically cannot withstand the extreme temperatures required for food processing.Food items have to be stored in certain temperatures to maintain the quality of the ingredients and prevent growth of bacteria and other harmful elements (Mont, 2012). Therefore, major food companies rely on a conveyor system to ensure that food is handled properly in a highly efficient manner. Conclusion The innovation of and the use of a conveyer system to deliver food, and beverages is definitely close to reality.

Consumers look for efficiency and convenience when viewing food and beverage service.From a customer process perspective the method of service, the service area, order selection and service is great when these food and beverage service characteristics are specialized for the consumer. Using a conveyer system to deliver food and beverages gives a high level of attention to the consumer which creates a new innovative trend to the food and beverage market. A conveyer system to deliver food and beverages provides an automation enabled platform, but also provides the connectivity and control of food and beverages between the food service provider and the consumer.Reference: Allen, T. (2011).

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