Trip to Pakistan (Personnal Writing) Essay

Trip to Pakistan It was the last day of school, I was happy so were fellow class mates.

This day was going to be the best day and the six weeks that we were given of from school. As the time got closer to the end of the day all students in the class were lining up In front of the door like a formula one race, they all were so eager to leave the school. But it did not feel right to me leaving and forgetting about all the fun time I had in the school.

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The bell siren went of and there went my friends running down the hall and out the school, but I decided to stay back and say ‘Goodbye’ to all the teacher that had tutored me all through the five years. When that was over and done with I went straight home so I could relax and enjoy the six weeks, but there was another surprise when I got home – ‘I was going Pakistan’ for six weeks. This was defiantly my best day – I packed all my stuff together and staked it up on the side of my bed, I was ready to leave home and go to another country.It was Saturday morning the Sun was out with clear skies, I waved goodbye to all family, friends and relatives and of I went on a three hour journey to Birmingham, while I was sitting In the car one of my family member started playing some ‘wired’ music which I did not like, so I opened the window and watched the trees one after one a trees appeared this made me sick, so the final thing I did was go to sleep. When my eyes opened I was out side the airport, people were rushing in and the people that came out were sad and some had tears.I went running to the terminal that I was meant to be on, got my ticket check and was on the airplane, I was just waiting for it to lift up.

Not knowing that It was going to be along flight, I watched videos, listened to music and messed around with the lights then all of a sudden It got bored everyone was asleep and no one was about to talk to me, so I went to sleep again. When my eyes opened I was at Islamabad airport my granddad was waiting out side the airport.From there I sat In the car and went to several other houses In Pakistan which I had never heard of, and then finally I was at home, but there were more people In the house waiting to meet me after getting kissed on the cheek more then ten times and got hugged ten time I was exhausted, so I decided to go to sleep again. The next morning came the day was hot and too warm I was not able to step outside in the garden to play because It was to too hot.

So I put on my slippers and ollowed my granddad to my uncle’s house where I was chased by a dog. I was underneath the shelter trying my best to stay away from the Sun when a snake came crawling I was terrified, the snaked stroke but only got the slipper I was very lucky. As night approached it was getting darker and colder there was no electricity, I was not able to see where I was going or who I was taking to. The holiday was turning from good to bad; know I was wishing when I was going to get back to England.So the next day I paid a visit to my uncles house with out my granddads assistance, I had a good meal there and then headed back home while I was coming home I encountered this big hungry lion, just there In front waiting for me to make my move so that he could grab me. So I run, run I fast as I could I approached a big tall tree, I started to climb up, my heart was beating very fast, I got to the top feeling secure, the lion underneath me was roaring with its big mouth, those sharp big teeth scared me even more.

Then all of a sudden a snake came out of somewhere in the tree it must have been woken up by the roar of the lion, the snake started approaching me, my heart started to pound again this time bigger, louder and faster I was trapped I had nowhere to go the was a lion beneath me and a snake approaching besides me. As the snake got closer and closer with its scary eyes I was thinking of the life and death, I was actually going to die, this was it.The lion roar got louder and louder as its hunger grew more and more, the snake was just few inches away from me.

As the snake opened its mouth wide the snake was getting ready to strike me with its teeth. But then the branch cracked and broke, the snake fell to the ground cluttering around the floor and scrambling, as it was in the same situation as I was with the lion.The lions were very angry and hungry, so it approached the snake they scrambled into a fight this was very scary and enjoyable that the snake had gone as my heart beat started to lower slowly and slowly. The snake jabbed its venom teeth into the lion, it made this terrifying sound that’s so unbearable to watch and hear however the lions life was draining out as it had few seconds remaining so it stroke for the last attack on the snake which left the snake into two pieces. So I got down and went running home to tell my granddad about the terrifying event.