Trump: What a crowd, what a crowd! It’s just amazing! I am super
thrilled to be here with everyone. This is nothing compared to the few people
demonstrating outside, they are just a bunch a morons, am I right? To start off
I want to thank the amazing vice president, Mike Pence, for letting me talk
here tonight. As well as my lovely wife and son, I could not do this without
them. They have been my beacon all throughout this campaign. It really shows
the importance of family, as you all know, of course!  But that is not
what I wanted to talk about with you tonight, I mean we are all here to make
America great again! Look okay? Look! I am not saying it will be easy or
anything like that, but it is just something that has to be done! One of the
things that will help us reach this goal is of course of vital importance to us
all: the safety of every American citizen. 
Throughout our
history, the American people have always been the true source of American
greatness. I mean come on, our people have promoted our culture and promoted
our values. Americans have fought and sacrificed on the battlefields all over
the world. We have freed captive nations, transformed former enemies into our
best friends, and made entire regions of our beautiful planet prosperous,
haven’t we? 
I think we should
continue with all these great efforts. 
First of all, we
should fix all of our immigration issues, after all, most of the illegal
immigrants are just plain bad for our country. They do not pay taxes, they have
much higher crime rates, support the drug cartels and most of all the
illegal-immigrants endanger the safety of our beloved country! Every reasonable
person I speak with agrees on the importance of ending the illegal flow of
drugs, cash, guns, and people across our border, and to put the cartels out of
business. In order to do that we should build a wall, I know, I have said it
before, but I really think we should build that wall. Look, do not get me
wrong, I am not racist or anything, but look, these people are just like a plague,
you know? Remember the plague, it was bad, like really bad. You also remember
what they did to the plague? They erased it almost completely from every
society! I am not saying we should kill every immigrant, no never, I would
never say something like that, but what we should do is build that wall! Once
that wall is there, we can control the flow of people so much better. 
I mean, let’s talk
about our current immigration system, it is just straight up bad, but no one
ever tells you, right? Like, the media does not want to report on it, the
powerful politicians do not want to talk about it and the people heavily
invested are covering it up because they are making an absolute fortune. That’s
just the way it is. 
Besides that, for
years now, the too powerful politicians have made more and more laws to protect
the criminal, totally protect the criminal, not the officers. In all this time
they just stacked and stacked all those crazy laws, we are changing those laws. 
Also, the statements
that has been pushed aggressively for years now by our current Administration,
and pushed by my opponent Hillary Clinton, is a false one. The problem in our
poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that
there are not enough police. Not even close to that. More law enforcement, more
community engagement, more effective policing is what our country needs. I
mean, how are we serving these American victims by attacking law enforcement
officers? It is just way too crazy, it does not make any sense! The war on our
police must end. It must end now. I think we all know it, right? Like come on,
the war on our police is a war on all peaceful citizens who want to be able to
work and live and send their kids to school in safety. Think of how many
families were saved, how much pain was prevented, when police were put into
communities and criminals were removed. This is something we should be doing a
lot more often, and something the Trump administration will do! 
I mean, look as long
as we are proud, and very proud, of who we are, how we got here, and what we
are fighting for to preserve, we will not fail. 
If we do all of this,
if we rediscover our resolve and commit ourselves to compete and win again,
then together we will leave our children and our grandchildren a nation that is
stronger, better, freer, prouder, and, yes, an America that is greater than
ever before.  
God bless you. Thank
you very much. Thank you.