Tsunami their house. Also city has to pay

Tsunami are very large waves which are caused  by unusual movement in the ocean made by landslides at the bottom of the ocean, also earthquakes also cause unusual movement in the ocean, and volcanic eruptions or meteorites that land in the ocean. Most of the Tsunami that happen are from earthquakes which cause the water to make oversized waves which are called tsunamis.  Tsunamis can also be caused by underwater volcanoes this is more uncommon than earthquakes. Finally meteorites are the most uncommon reason why asteroides occur. (http://cwarn.org/tsunami/how-tsunami-occur)Damage Tsunamis are a very devastating natural disaster They come with very little warning and are very deadly and harmful to the environment and to the people.Tsunamis start their impacts at the shore and destroy the beaches ripping trees from the ground as it travels up it can take cars, knock down buildings. Also tsunamis can have very bad aftereffects the can leave major floods and leave so much damage it cost millions to repair all of the damage. Since tsunamis most of the time come without a warning most people get stuck in the action and get killed.Impacts On Humans The way humans are affected by Tsunamis is very devastating most people that get hit by the Tsunamis close to the shore can lose their house all the belongings car. Also most people half to pay to repair their house because of the flood waters in their house. Also the city’s half to pay for repair and clean up the mess and has to evacuate all the till the floods go down. https://www.wikihow.com/Prepare-for-a-Tsunami PrepareThe number one way to prepare for a tsunami is to plan a evacuation route and get to know the route so if a tsunami does happen. Secondly have a safe place to go to  and be prepared for a safe place to sleep and have food. Lastly have a way of communication just incase you get stuck in the area of the tsunami. Recovery Recovery is very expensive people half to pay to repair water damage to their house. Also city has to pay people to clean up all the wreckage from the tsunami. Also  most building and business have very bad damage to it so they half to pay for all that too.