Tuna a toy doll The laugh was

Tuna was a little girl. Just like a toy doll The laugh was that the music was ringing. Tuna had a lot of love for her mother. After coming from the school, she used to revolve around her mother.  If Tuna’s mother settled for home work, then Tuna would have helped her. There was some empty ground next to Tuna’s house. Tuna’s mother had planted many kinds of plants on that land. Tuna’s mother used to give water to those plants regularly. He used to wipe the soil with rubbish. Tuna’s mother never throws out dry leaves and vegetables and fruit peels. He would put them in a pit. After some time they would rot and turn into manure. Then they were mixed in the soil near the plants. This gave the plants nutrition. Due to good nutrition, tuna garden plants were healthy. Several types of flowers were kept in his garden. Like a mother, Tuna also fell in love with plants. He also sowed the seeds of flowering plants in a pot. Since planting the seeds, he started giving water in the pot. Every morning, Tuna went to the pot and saw if the seed started sprouting or not. Even after coming from the school, she looked the same. Tuna did not have to wait much. A few days later, small plants came out in the pot. Tuna was very happy to see those plants. When someone came home, those days, Tuna took her to her pot and said, ‘Look, how beautiful these plants are. I have planted them. I give them water everyday. After a few days they will flower. With tuna’s loving care the plants started growing rapidly. A few days later the buds came out on their branches. Then Tuna started taking care of the plants with care.  School holidays were going on Tuna used to sit near his pot in the garden almost every day. He used to fear that somebody would not break those buds. After a few days, the buds were blossomed and turned into flowers. Tuna had posed pictures with flowers by saying to her father. Tuna’s father put those pictures on Facebook, so many people liked them. Many even wrote very good comments. Tuna was very pleased with all that. He was also enjoying his studies.  It’s a matter of those days. Tuna was sitting near Gamlee that a butterfly was flying and sat on a flower blooming on its pot. Tuna felt that the butterfly would shed the juice of flowers and harm it. Tuna escaped the butterfly. Tuna covered the pot with a big sac such that no butterfly could sit on flowers.  One day Tuna was reading a book story sitting near her pot and she heard it- Tuna, you did not do it right. You should not cover the flowers like this.  Tuna looked around, nobody saw him. Then the voice came- Tuna, I am speaking Neelima Butterfly. Tuna looked at the side from which the voice came. A butterfly of flames was fluttering at the side of a tree near a tree.  I will not let you suck the juice of your planted flowers. I have planted them with great diligence, said Tuna.  We are friends of flowers. We can not grow further without flowers. Without us we are so sad to see your flowers. Tuna, if you do not trust me, ask only with flowers, Nilima said.  Tuna heard some things about flowers and opened the pouch with flowers. Tuna said something before, a flower said before that – Yes, Tuna, Neelima is right. Butterflies take food from us, but in turn help in pollination. Pollen can not be grown without flowers Seeds will not grow and how will the plants grow in the next season? Well, this is the point, Tuna said that by removing the pouch completely. Now butterflies began to sit on flowers every day. After a few days, small fruits appeared in place of flowers. On fruit cook, Tuna retreated seeds from them. Tuna was pleased that these seeds will be able to grow more flower plants in the next season.>> Honor – Devaputra