Turkey were primary school graduates. The poorest

Turkey continues to face a common problem with poverty amongst its citizens. The poverty in Turkey has been decreased than the past. Rural poverty has declined in the Republic of Turkey over the past ten years. The Rural Poverty Portal notes that in 2014 the majority of people in poverty in Turkey lived in countrysides, where the rate was over 35 percent below the poverty threshold to merely 22 percent in urban areas. I will explain about poverty in Turkey day to day life, common factors, the solutions and help. There was 7.83% of school population older than six years were identified as poor, Nearly 50% of Turks population is at the poverty line. Nearly a quarter of Turkey’s population live below the poverty line according to the survey. In the general population, 26.9% of poor people were unable to read or write, 22.6% had started reading and writing skills, and 42.4% were primary school graduates. The poorest people live in the country’s least people developed areas in eastern and southeastern Antalya and parts of the coastal regions on the Black Sea. This is important to tell because we have to know the percentage of poverty in Turkey.The causes of poverty are large size families and the small size of landholding, lack of physical and organizational structures such as roads and markets in remote areas. The age of first marriage was approximately 18 for women and 22 for men among the poor, and these thresholds increased with the level of education. A study conducted in the stubby area of Ankara found that women living in poor households poverty. The lack of an effective welfare safety net for very poor people. This is to highlight the reasons causing the poverty in Turkey. The governments shall encourage the small local projects in poorer cities and neighborhoods, creating new projects to push the poorer to work by providing the proper work environment and the required health coverage for workers and their families, also providing the social security programs, clean drinking water, clean power resources, sufficient roads, and markets between the cities, constructing low cost houses and schools. So being a healthy worker can earn the enough money for food, sanitation, and health care coverage. The government shall provide adequate educational, cultural, and social media to help the poor workers to understand the importance of maintaining proper body and house cleaning to avoid disease spreading. The government shall finance the health care programs by ensuring sufficient availability of drugs, vaccinations and provide enough medical professionals at the health centers. This is to show the Government responsibilities towards poverty.Turkey continues to face a recurring problem with poverty amongst its citizens. Poor people likely to be women had lower educational status. The causes of poverty are lacked social and health insurance, and worked unregistered in the agricultural sector as family workers. Turkey is now experiencing levels of poverty previously unknown. The government shall oppose the poverty by providing the required programs ,raising the level of education and finance the health care.