Tutorial Essay

Tutorial Explain the roles and responsibilities of any 2 function of an organization of your own choice (any industry)? Task Identify 1 company Identify 2 business functions Apply how the company carries out those functions.

Answer: I choose Air Asia Company. Air Asia is a Malaysian low-cost airline and the headquartered is near Koala Lump, Malaysia. Air Asia was established in 1994 and began operation on 18th November 1996. It was founded by a government-owned conglomerate DRY-Which. Its hubs are in Koala Lump International Airport 2. Eurasia is very first budget or low cost carrier (LLC).It s co-founded in Malaysia by two prominent entrepreneurs, Mr.

. Tony Fernando and Mr.. Guanidine Memorandum, which have spotted business opportunity arising from the nonexistence of the much needed affordable air travel service in Asia. Mr..

Fernando and Mr.. Memorandum acquired the then loss- making full carrier Eurasia in 2001 from a government-owned company and transformed it into a profitable LLC. Current Eurasia imitates the low-cost airline business model first introduced by Southwest Airlines Co (Southwest), the pioneer of LLC business. The 2 business functions of Air Asia Company are marketing and accounting function.Marketing function is coordinates all the elements involved in successfully promoting and selling a product: MARKET research, pricing, packaging, advertising, sales, and distribution.

However, marketing is action of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of idea, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. Most retail businesses use forecasting, implementation of plans and also budgeting to maintain effective marketing strategy. Accounting function is accounting protection and planning of companies.

It also prepares accounting records ND management information as mostly in the business industry corruption as at most happening in retail our business will ensure good relations and faithfulness on Accountants. He example of how they carry out the marketing function are the LLC leverages on the publicity of other established global brands to promote its own brand thus injecting a new social actors in its marketing activities. The LLC has arranged to associate itself with one of the biggest 5 football club in the English Premier League, Manchester United Football Club (MO), by being the club’s official LLC. After that,