Tv Is Educational Essay

TV is educational Today is appearing more and more variable modern gadgets. Television is one of them. However, TV leads to lots of arguments. Some people think that it is really useful stuff which has lots of advantages. Others think that it is just a wasting of time. Obviously, the most important question is should children be allowed to watch TV if it has a harmful effect on them. Albeit the majority of people consider that TV is educational.

Personally, I believe that TV is educational. Firstly, there are so many different shows where students show their own knowledge.Watching these programs might help people to develop their knowledge and maybe encourage students to study harder to know everything that the participants know on these shows.

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Secondly, there are so many animal nature films, documental films about different events and TV shows which can help you to learn more about animals, environment and planet as well. Also there are lots of programs, films and cartoons on the foreign languages which might help you to learn languages. Usually children learn a lot from these programs.It is exciting and is an educational process at the same time.

Watching these films and programs helps you to learn more new facts and aspects about various languages, countries, culture and traditions. Thirdly, people usually watch the news on TV. It might be a way of education as well. Watching the news makes people more knowledgeable. They always know the most important information and news all over the world. If you are studying Economics or Business watching news is an essential part of an educational process.It will help you to understand more the subject content better.

On the other hand, some people think that watching TV is just a wasting of time and sometimes it can be dangerous for children because there are lots of blood, murder, sex and so on in some TV shows and programs. Furthermore, children might easily be influenced by these films to do silly and sometimes hazardous things. As a result, TV can’t teach children anything useful.

Do you really agree with this opinion? A huge amount of people completely disagree with it.I believe that parents can manage their children, make them understand what is useful to watch or what would be harmful for them. Thus, if it is really dangerous for children, parents wouldn’t let them watch these programs and films. Overall, the drawbacks are few and the benefits are many – TV is an essential part of our lives, especially for education. Do you want your children’s studies to be easier and more sapid? I suppose, that these educational films and programs are extremely beneficial to help children turn studying into an amazing and attractive process.