Two has evolved over the centuries and

 Two of the most ancient religions in the world today are Buddhism and Hinduism. Hinduism has evolved over the centuries and Buddhism sprang from the   culture and surroundings of India. There was a separation of the two religions and the division was peaceful. Hinduism and Buddhism are both key religions to the world. Although their beliefs and practices are both similar and different. 
Hinduism is a major religion, originated in India. Hindus believe in a Caste System with Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras, and other sub-castes (document 2). The Brahmin caste consist of Priests, the Kshatriyas consist of the warrior caste, the Vaisyas are the merchants and artisans and finally the Sudra’s are the peasants and unskilled workers. The Hindus also believe in Moksha, ultimate peace and unity with the Brahmin. They work towards Moksha within several lives because of reincarnation. Moksha is reached by freeing “themselves from selfish desires that separate them from the Brahmin” (document 1).
Buddhism is a religion that came out of Hinduism when the prince, Siddhartha Guatemana discovered that there was suffering in the world. This led Siddhartha Guatemana to create Buddhism. One of the important beliefs of Buddhism is the 4 Noble Truths which is that suffering is real, we can learn the cause of suffering, we can end suffering and the way to end suffering is by following the 8 Fold Path which is another main belief of Buddhism. The 8 Fold Path is eight basic laws all followers of Buddha must follow if they wish to end suffering. Buddhists don’t believe in the caste system that was introduced by Hinduism. They believe that the goal of Buddhism is to reach Nirvana; “For the Buddhist, the final goal is nirvana, or union with the universe and release from the cycle of rebirth” (textbook 216).
Hinduism and Buddhism are similar and different in a multitude of ways. They both originated from India. They also both have an end goal that they want to reach at the end of their lifetime. But Hinduism teaches that people should be separate within a community. Buddhism teaches that suffering is bad and it causes disruption. 
Buddhism and Hinduism are both peaceful religions. They have many similarities and differences. In both the religions there are key beliefs that need to be followed. Hinduism came before Buddhism, Hinduism led to the religious practices of Buddhism. Therefore, Hinduism and Buddhism are the most ancient religions.