Two Methods of Losing Weight Essay

Two Methods of Losing Weight Heather Williams COM/155 University Composition and Communication 1 October 26, 2012 Suzanne Welsch Simple modifications in one’s diet combined with regular exercise can have a dramatic effect and will encourage habits for a lifetime of healthy weight maintenance. However, it might be difficult to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, but eating healthy has benefits to help promote one’s well-being. In today’s society, exercising is more of a necessity in order to live a longer and healthier life.

A healthy living lifestyle is much more than focusing on nutrition and fitness, it is to properly analyze one’s body type and keep track of one’s calorie intake on a daily basis. One can start to eat healthy by learning and understanding the nutritional information for the different types of foods one needs to determine whether a certain food is a healthy choice or not. Healthy food will also provide one’s body with the proper nutrients it needs to maintain the level of energy one needs to make it throughout the day. Nutrients provide the foundation for a long ife; one’s body is a living organism that requires nutrition to do its job and to stay alive. Following the recommended number of servings per day as well as eating other foods displayed in the Food Guide Pyramid will also help one to get all of their daily nutrients one needs to remain healthy. Eating healthy foods provides the body with nutrients from the food the body need to maintain a level of energy that could last throughout the day. While eating healthy does not mean dieting, eating healthy promotes longer life. While eating, one need’s to chew their ood slowly, so that it can be broken down into smaller pieces. This will also help one with digestion. After one has figured out one’s planning, and understanding the different food groups, one can begin to make small changes to eating healthy. To change to healthier eating one must learn about balance, variety, and moderation. One can change poor eating habits by eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fruits such as berries, grapes, oranges and grapefruit are high sources of antioxidants. One can also get antioxidants from vegetables such as kale, spinach, red beets and peppers (“Foods High in

Antioxidants”, 2005). Choosing healthy foods and eating smart can be done, if one is able to determine which foods are nutritious and beneficial to one’s health. It is easy to tell by the color of the vegetable and fruits which vitamins are found in them. For example, “Green color vegetables are packed with calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, C, E and K, and the green color vegetables also help strengthen one’s blood stream and respiratory system” (Healthful Guide organization, 2009, para. 4). People these days have very busy lifestyles and do not find he time to cook healthy meals. Purchasing fast food is much easier and convenient rather than having to prepare meals at home. While good eating habits promote mental and physical health there are still some people who decide to develop unhealthy diets because of the lack of time, being influenced by advertisement, and want to continue their poor eating habits. One can benefit from exercising by keeping a control on it, boosting up the normal metabolic rate of one’s body and burning up the unnecessary calories. Overweight and obesity is an energy mbalance that occurs from eating to many calories without acquiring enough physical activity. After one exercises, the body will replenish and rebalance what one energy stores. Basically, one needs to convince one’s body that storing energy as fat to protect against potential food shortages in the future is not a smart strategy because the food supply is adequate and one needs that energy now to keep up with the physical demands of the present environment. A calorie surplus will always end up increasing one’s body fat; and a calorie deficit will always end up educing one’s body fat. If one exercises at a lower intensity, a higher proportion may come from body fat, but this may be a smaller absolute number of calories (“RunningforFitness, 2009”). Regular exercise can help reduce ones risk for chronic diseases and illnesses. This includes heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, obesity, back pain and osteoporosis. It also enhances the normal functioning of the lungs and the heart which alone can lead one to the fitness in life. Any amount of exercise, at any age, is beneficial to everyone (“MedicineNet, 2012”).

Exercising thirty minutes to one hour a day is enough time to help one lose weight. When one is constantly active it helps one’s body to function properly. A good workout is the right combination of the cardiovascular exercises and the strength training exercises. Apart from the workouts one can do in the morning and in the evening, one must remain active throughout the day. Walking or running on a daily basis will help provide one’s body with some kind of physical activity that the body needs. One should take the stairs and avoid elevators when one oes to the office. One can park their car a mile away from one’s office and go walking. This helps to burn extra calories and will help one to lose weight. Aerobic activity can also make one’s heart stronger and more efficient. Weight training can be performed every second day so that one’s body does not get use to the same exercise. Stretching and strengthening exercises can also help strengthen one’s muscles, bones and help prevent injury to one’s joints. If one is busy five days a week, then one should plan some physical activity over the weekends.

According to Healthy-Eating, Americans need at least 30 minutes of physical activity several days a week in order to lose weight continuously and maintain a healthy well-being. Healthy weight requires time and dedication. Trying to maintain that healthy weight is a challenge, because one is surrounded by a world of unhealthy habits and indulgences. One can reduce weight either by reducing his or her calorie intake by eating smaller portions, or by increasing his or her daily calorie requirements by exercising, or both (“Runningforfitness, 2009”).

Exercise and healthy eating go hand in hand.

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