Two Systems That Work Together Essay

The digestive system and the urinary system are two very important systems for the human body. The digestive system helps use break down food to help nourish our bodies and give us energy. The urinary system helps are body gets rid of any waste produces that our body and digestive system doesn’t use. This paper will explain these two systems and how they work. The digestive system consists of seven parts in digesting food. The first part in digestive system starts in your mouth.

(In the digestive process starts even before you even start to eat. ) (www. gesa. om) (When you smell the aroma of the food your brain sends a signal to your brain, then that signal goes to your mouth that puts your saliva glands into work producing the saliva that helps break down the food you chew. ) (www. gesa.

com) The time food enters into your mouth the saliva instantly starts breaking down the food particles. To make the food easier to digest your teeth help make the food particles smaller and easier to swallow, and for better absorption. Now that you have broken down the food your tongue helps move your food to the back of your mouth.In this process the food moves to the start of the Esophagus. When the food that is ready to be farther digested your (Esophagus closes the passage ways leading to your lungs so the food goes to the stomach.

)(www. gesa. org) When the food travels down the Esophagus to your stomach, (the sphincter valve that naturally stays closed opens to allow the food to enter the stomach. )(www. gesa. org) The stomach is now playing it role into the digestion system.

This is where food is stored until the food is full broke down. The stomach breaks down the food even further, the muscles and gastric acid move the food and breaks down even smaller, and kills any bacteria that entered with the food while chewing and swallowing. )(www. gesa.

org) After this process is done the food you have eaten is like a paste. This will be where your will get most of your nutrients. Now that all this food break down it is ready to move on. The small intestine is the best part. (It is put into three parts, duodenum, jejunum and ileum.

) (www. gesa. rg)The duodenum is at the base of the stomach. The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine. This where your processed for is entered into your small intestine and neutralizes the acids from your stomach. And where the bile from your gallbladder is entered, and other enzymes from the pancreas. (In this portion of the small intestine you but the most of your proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

) (www. gesa. org) The last part of your small intestine is the Jejunum and the Ileum. This part leads your small intestine to your large intestine. In this part there are bumps or villi that help catch the digested food and helps get more of the nutrients that was missed before.

) (www. gesa. org) Now that the small intestine has done it’s part the digested food moves into the large intestine. (The large intestine is split up into four parts, the cecum, colon, rectum and anal canal.

)( www. gesa. com) These last processes of the digestion system absorb and recycle of electrolytes and fluids. After this process any waste materials are passed on to colon.The colon it the last part of the digestive system. The colon will hold any undigested food that was not used for nutrients. Until this process is done and has a full amount it can sit awhile.

(Once your body has built up enough waste product the colon will move this material forward then it becomes defecation. ) (Mayo Clinic Family Health Book) The Urinary system works well with the digestive system, because the urinary system helps the removal of waste and toxins. In this system is made up of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra.This system is controlled by the nerves in your spinal cord.

In your body there are two kidneys, and the kidneys control electrolytes of the blood and any other toxins that are removed from your body. (Your kidneys are bean shaped and a reddish brown in color. )(Encyclopedia Britannica) The kidney are aligned with the body and are tilted in just slightly inward. (The kidneys have sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of the nerves system. ) (Encyclopedia Britannica) The kidney also function as endocrine glands releasing hormones, which is very important for the red lood cells, and the regulation of a persons blood pressure, and the proper formation of bones.

The ureters are small tubes that connect the kidneys and the bladder together. (They are muscular tubes that move the liquid waste for your kidneys to the bladder. )(Mayo Clinic Health Book) Now that waste has passed to the bladder, the bladder as a sac that stores urine until their enough pressure which sends a signal to your brain that you need to go to the bathroom. The last part is the Urethra is a tube that leads from the bladder that removes waste out of the human body.One of the may diseases that the body can develop is Interstitial Cystitis.

IC can act like others diseases, as far as symptoms goes. Some of the symptoms are urinating frequently, if you have pain that is decreased by urinating, waking up in the middle of the night several time to urinate, long term systems include bladder irritated and inflamed. Symptoms will come and go, sometimes for days and then leave, or other times will not show for weeks at a time. To identify doctors use a questionnaire to help identify if you have IC.With some cases the doctor will have a urologist perform a cystoscopy. In this test the urologist with fill the bladder like a balloon and insert the cystoscope into the urethra and check for irritation of the bladder lining. If you find out you have IC there are a few treatment options.

The treatments will vary for person to person but they can take ELMIRON and is an oral medication. There are some methods that do help with taking ELMIRON like relaxation and breathing, bladder retaining, Nutrition, gentle exercises and pelvic floor exercises.Other ways you can help with IC are watching your diet you should turn to stay away from foods and drinks that contain caffeine, coffee, tea, cola. Some bigger foods that a person should keep clear of are cheeses, aged anything, canned, cured, smoke meats and fish, this list goes on and on. Some things your doctor may have you do is keep track of your diet and keep a journal.

There would be no way to create a robot that can duplicate the systems that human body contains, for one the human body is very complex and involuntary muscle movements. And we can do everyday tasks that we don’t even realize we o. For example in the urinary system the kidneys filter the old blood cells and toxins that are introduced into the body. We know that are body is doing this but we have no control on how much and when. In the instance of the robot it is manmade, we cannot duplicate these systems they are just too complex.

Robots are made for metal and hydraulics. Even with a robot we can make them have super human strength, because we as humans can built them to do tasks we as humans can’t do. With this said we as humans can’t reproduce ourselves into a robot because we are to Mayo Clinic Family Health BookEncyclopedia BritannicaOrtho-McNeil Pharmaceutical