U. S. Democracy Essay

We have a representative democracy, as “the power to govern is granted to elected representatives. ” “Limited government is a government where any more than minimal governmental intervention in personal liberties and the economy is not usually allowed by law, usually in a written Constitution. It is closely related to free market libertarianism and some tendencies of liberalism and conservatism in the United States. ” “… The Tenth Amendment codified that any delegated powers of the federal government are only authorized to be performed so long as such delegated powers are expressly delegated to the federal government specifically by the U.

S. Constitution. The U. S. Constitution limits the power of the government in several ways.

It prohibits the government from directly interfering with certain key areas: conscience, expression and association. Other actions are forbidden to the federal government and are reserved to state or local governments. ” “Decentralization..

. is the process of dispersing decision-making governance closer to the people and/or citizen. It includes the dispersal of administration or governance in sectors or areas like engineering, management science, political science, political economy, sociology and economics.Decentralization is also possible in the dispersal of population and employment. Law, science and technological advancements lead to highly decentralized human endeavors. ” A “Credit claim” is a form you use with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to get money back you spent.

The “image” or impression someone gives is very important in politics, especially for a candidate trying to win an election. These concepts alone without any specific interpretation tell us nothing “about the state and health of our democracy. “