UAE’s Global Leaders

            UAE’s domestic identity is focused on heritage and culture. It is of utter importance to preserve the ethnic culture that the Emirati society is based on. The UAE focuses to tie the past with the future using high quality arts and humanities education by educating the rising younger generations with ability to critically and creatively think as a vital component to innovation. There is also a rehabilitated stress on the evolution of art and creativity in a region that has conventionally concentrated more on the direct and concrete ideas and educational methods rather than other kinds of artistic illustrations. Particularly, there are new and excelled artistic developments happening at a government level. The private sector is growing, and young Emiratis are more often recognizing their options to pursue an artistic future and express themselves as a reflection of the vast cultural diversity of the UAE. Arts and humanities could potentially be the needed component to nurture the country into a unique cultural hub and create leaders. This essay will argue that in order for the UAE to further develop, it is critical to integrate arts and humanities into the common abbreviation STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and treat this section of education with equal importance in hopes that the youth will gain the skill of analytical and strategic thinking.

This paper will also introduce methods of efficiently delivering artistic and philosophical education to the youth such as the institution of museums and the use of symbolism.            Analytical, critical and strategical thinking skills alongside cross-cultural understanding are best obtained through arts and humanities education. Social and civil development cannot excel by technology solely. Leaders must be exposed to this type of education because analytical skills play a significant role in leadership.

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Computer programs cannot replace certain skills such as understanding cultural context and sensitivities as well as experiential learning and reflection. Adequate arts and humanities education allows students to experience, reflect on, conceptualize and apply theses in a liberal learning cycle. Students may take a certain theory of action based on a current issue or idea and assess behavior and consequences, revise this theory and then apply it. This application of a self-developed theory that was initiated through a broad category of art allows a person to grow into a leader.

The UAE will certainly benefit from an ignition of leadership fuel in the youth. Critical thinking will open doors for innovation which is why it is important for schools to incorporate arts and humanities within STEM from a young age -as young as primary school- and allow students to grow with it throughout all their years of education.