Introduction Eric Tomlinson and his job title

Introduction The person I interviewed was called Eric Tomlinson and his job title was operations manager he was in charge of the warehouse were deliveries are picked (collected) and production were the popcorn is made and packaged. I was shown around both of these areas of the building. Eric Tomlinson who I interviewed used the computer for most of the day but occasionally left his office to check how the staff were doing there job. The company he works for is called Hollywood Express which is a large building off the main road in Ribbleton.

The organisation is a large one and provides popcorn, chocolate, sweets, drinks, machinery and other stuff for UCI and Odeon cinemas around the country. The company buys stock from other companies and then provides it for it’s customers except for the popcorn as that is produced inside the company itself. The company has around 10 to 15 workers in the ware house, 10 people in production and various other workers in the company Inc managers etc. Input Devices Mouse The small mechanical device whose movement corresponds to pointer movements on a monitor.

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The mouse is the most commonly used input device the operator will use this more than anything else it allows he/she to click on dropdown menus, minimize programs and exit programs and many more, the operator particular for the JDE software uses the mouse to click on drop down menus and select the relevant information. Keyboard An input device consisting of various keys that allows the user to input data, control cursor and pointer locations, and to control the dialog with the workstation.

The operator uses this a lot as he/she has to input letters and numbers into emails or JDE for example if they were typing an order number in. Output devices Monitor A device similar to a television screen that receives video signals from the computer and displays the information for the user. This displays the information the operator is typing. Modem Short for modulator/demodulator. A communications device that converts one form of a signal to another that is suitable for transmission over communication circuits, typically from digital to analogue and then from analogue to digital.

A3 Printer A printer outputs data that is seen on the computer screen. Most printers are used through a parallel port, but some newer ones use USB connections. USB is somewhat faster, but there’s not much of a difference for printers. This is used often to print out all the order forms as well as picking slips. Ports and Cables USB Port Universal Serial Bus, a port that allows the hot-plugging of multiple external plug-and-play devices. The operators mouse and keyboard were connected via this port. Storage Hard Drive A rigid non-removable disk in a computer and the drive that houses it.

Hard disks store more data and can be accessed quicker than floppy disks. CPU- Type of computer processor Pentium 4 processor, 1GB RAM SOFTWARE USED Software Title and Producer JD Edwards Main functions of the software Finance package SYSTEM – Describe how the hardware and software are used as a system The operator receives the order via e-mail or fax and then inputs into the JD Edwards software and prints out an order using the A3 printer. DESCRIPTION OF STEPS TO CARRY OUT THE PROCESS The sales order is received by the operator via e-mail or fax. The slip updated on JDE

The operator then loads it onto JDE Invoices printed (4 copies) The picking slip is printed off JDE White, yellow, blue and green copies are printed The order picked and slips updated if required. Yellow filed at head office after 3 months and white is put into UCI pigeon hole Order delivered Blue sent to purchaser with the order LIST/DESCRIBE THE PRINTOUTS PRODUCED UCI concessions order form, confectionary, bottled drinks, pick & mix, frozen & specialist e. g. cleaning equipment. (Have copies) EVALUATION OF THE SYSTEM The system works very well as there generally not a lot of mistakes.

If there are any mistakes it is usually a misprint error or someone has misinterpreted the data. As this is a recent software package it is very quick compared to the last software as a lot more had to be manually typed into the computer. The only drawback I can think of over hand writing this information is that if the system had a breakdown or crashed the operator would lose all there data and would have to do it all again. SOFTWARE USED Software Title and Producer JD Edwards Main functions of the software Finance package SYSTEM – Describe how the hardware and software are used as a system.

The operator used the scanner to input the document to her computer then she sends to supplier who will take it from there. DESCRIPTION OF STEPS TO CARRY OUT THE PROCESS Checking JDE and asking for a stock check Then working out what stock Hollywood express needs Send a fax to supplier ordering relevant products Receiving invoice to confirm order and requiring payment Then order is received LIST/DESCRIBE THE PRINTOUTS PRODUCED Confirmation of orders and invoices were printed off EVALUATION OF THE SYSTEM The system works very smoothly and very rarely any errors only from misprints etc or if the operator orders the wrong product.

The operator can make a mistake if she inputs the wrong order number which will select the wrong product but there usually check before picking the order so it is resolved. SOFTWARE USED Software Title and Producer Microsoft Outlook Main functions of the software Sending and receiving e mails and also storing them in folders SYSTEM – Describe how the hardware and software are used as a system The operator composed the email on the compose new e mail section and typed out his e mail then sent to a list of people using the add receiver feature. DESCRIPTION OF STEPS TO CARRY OUT THE PROCESS.

Receiving information that a meeting will take place from head office Composing the email The operator used the add receiver feature to send it to 10 people And finally sent the email out to the receivers. LIST/DESCRIBE THE PRINTOUTS PRODUCED Usually none but if required for reference a copy of the email could be printed off. EVALUATION OF THE SYSTEM The system is easy and very quick to use as if you couldn’t use the odd racier feature you would have to write as many separate email as you required this would become time consuming and repetitive.