Understand The Legislative And Organisa Essay

Sign for letters. ; photocopying. Filing. ; Sending hard copy letters. ; Supporting staff members. ; Writing meeting notes. Explain the Limits and Scope of their Responsibilities and Authority in Provide Eng Administrative Services The limits there may be in providing administrative services is answering tell phone enquiries. If a telephone inquiry requires information that can’t be provided b y admit services then the case may be where the call will have to be transferred on to the correct person.

Administration officers will hold full authority in providing admit services, but there may e times where admit related requests are passed on from senior me beers of staff who require admit services to carry out a their tasks for example sending out a let term to a senior person Of an external organization. An admit officer will have full responsibility of the tasks they are set with. HTH s would mean, having to meet with deadlines on printing requests and reports and SC huddles.

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Having full responsibility would also mean to manage time as efficiently as pop Seibel in order to complete tasks to meet deadline. If workloads are rather large then work can be legated to other members of the team. Finally, having responsibility in thin gas such as writing meeting notes would mean to communicate it back to team members so they can have an understanding of the most recent updates.

Explain the Organization’s Policies and Procedures in relation to Administration n Services The organization holds a competency list which can be used to improve and p reform to maximum capacity in relation to admit services. The competency list outlines the way in which one is expected to to carry out procedures in the workplace to make the results well rounded, effective and efficient.

Explain the constraints that affect administrative services in their area of responsibility The constraints that affect admit set-vices in their area of responsibility are m sieve workloads, this can affect performance and delivery if a team is not prepared for the workload. Damaged equipment such as printers can affect basic admit tasks such as PRI noting from being carried out. Absence of colleagues can have strain in performance from other colleagues and also a reduction in completion of tasks. Explain how to apply their policies and procedures