Understanding of God and He only did

Understanding About Christ Consciousness And Why You Have Ability Just As Jesus HadIn religion, there is the tendency of many worshippers to look at the hierarchy and depend on help from our priests. Some worshippers tend to think that they will have answers for their prayers when they contact the priest to pray to God and Jesus Christ. Do not misunderstand me. However, I am not proposing that prayers aren’t important while am also not suggesting that you should not have the assistance of the clergy when you want to reach to Christ. Prayer is a wonderful tool whenever one is needy or when they are seeking for guidance and comfort.Did you ever think that you possess the ability to perform miracles as Christ did in the Bible? When you carefully examine the scriptures, you will realize that Christ was, in fact, the Son of God and He only did the will of His Father. Simply Jesus channeled the character and power of God through His deeds. The big mistake that prevents us from reaching to Christ is the wrong understanding that Jesus Christ is the only son that God had. God is manifested in us, and everything is made up of ‘GOD.’ You do possess the same power that Christ had, and you can do great wonders as the ‘Son of God.’Christ consciousness is enlightenment, and it is the state of finding the truth, and one has to complete the process of Ascension as Jesus Christ did. As much as one may want to copy everything that Christ did, it might not be possible mostly because His story was written many years ago. True to the biblical stories, Christ existed in many years ago, and he happened to be a great teacher, and he also worked to perform miracles to heal the sick among others. Spiritual teachers in the modern days have emphasized the need for us to determine the truth about religions. However, to determine this universal truth, we need to look inward and understand our inherent divinity. It is true that you are a result of God’s creation and for that reason, you possess the powers to pray and make great things to happen. However, you need to look inwards as it is only through this that you can connect with the Divine and have the capability to do wonders like Jesus Christ. Real divinity and power remain inside us.