Understanding the Cause of Terrorism Essay

Understanding the Cause of Terrorism            The composition of this paper will concentrate on terrorism. As such, this research paper would focus in determining various issues with regard to terrorism and its corresponding implications in the society.

Hence, this would work to analyze the various causes of terrorism. Moreover, classifying and rendering comprehensive information with regard to the major causes of terrorism would serve as the main purpose of this paper.The following will be discussed: A Brief Background: TerrorismHistory of TerrorismCauses of TerrorismAt the end of the paper, it would intend to determine the foremost issues that lead and causes the acts terrorism. As such, this paper would also work in providing a clear rationale as to how these groups and the conflict against the terrorists have started.A Brief Background: TerrorismAs of the present time, terrorists are indeed perceived to be of the notorious set of people that have been associated in creating various social disturbances that utilizes violence in which involves the killings of civilians or the public (Carlile 3).

Certainly, the terrorist groups are normally defined as an organization of unified people that are renowned in disseminating terror and anxiety to the public and threatens the government by means of utilizing violence in pursuit of their own goals that are either political or religious (Carlile 3).            Furthermore, it has become apparent that such acts of terrorism have been visible in the system of human civilization and perceived to be a part of the social problems in both early and modern society (Jewett). During these early days, the common acts of terror are in the form of barbary and piracy that entails the identical goal which is to threaten and oppress the form of government together with the public of early civilisation (Jewett).Nonetheless, it is indeed acceptable that such acts of terror are liable in creating turmoil and trouble in the modern society. As such, these unfavourable and offensive actions in the society are only set to fabricate negative and adverse effects in the community and to the people living from different countries across the globe. Likewise, the issue about terrorism is more likely intended to create a long road of anarchy and conflict in the society.

History of Terrorism            The word “terrorism” has started and may have possibly originated in European languages during the aftermath of the French revolution in the year 1789 where in this era, violence is largely utilized by the governments in Paris in commanding their new and radical rules for those people who were against their governance (Roberts). As such, in the dawn of the 19th century, the acts of terror have been through significant changes wherein it started to involve non-governmental organizations of people sharing the common goal and objective that are absolutely apolitical (Roberts).            For many decades, the acts of terrorism have continuously developed, which are often associated with the assassination of prominent political leaders and heads of state for the longest time. However, in the start of 1990’s, a new face of terrorism has emerged wherein the presence of a new heretical set of Muslim leaders and organization have altered the definition of such acts. As such, a modern Muslim named Osama Bin Laden, son of a successful construction engineer has established the present and widely renowned most notorious terrorist groups, which he named as the Al-Qaeda terror network (Roberts).Causes of Terrorism            In light of the written facts and information written above, it can be said and is evident that such acts of terrorism have originated and begins from several various reasons.

In light of the history of terrorism, it is evident that one of the possible causes of terrorism may have possibly been initiated by the conflict and misunderstanding of the people’s religious and political beliefs. As such, the cause of modern Islamic terrorism is as well initiated from the opposing notion against the western civilization and governance that is justified in light of the training manual of Al-Qaeda in which it is written as the fundamental goal of the organization.            In addition to this, the formation of Heretical Islamic Fundamentalism in both modern and ancient history is also a probable cause of terrorism in which it teaches unorthodox Islam beliefs and standpoints, As such, this type of Islam Fundamentalism is the one responsible in inspiring adverse views to Muslim people about Jihad that is renowned to be the roots of modern Muslim terrorist acts.Conclusion         With the information provided above and the details about terrorism, it is evident to say that such acts of terrorism have originated from different conflicts among specific groups of people and inspired by the ill will in pursuing personal motives that are either religious or political. As such, it is clear that modern Islamic terrorism has rooted from the disappointed and oppositionist attitude towards the supremacy of western civilization and government.Works CitedCarlile L. (2008) The Definition of Terrorism.

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