Understanding the Movie Maria Full of Grace Essay

Understanding the Movie Maria Full of GraceThe movie “Maria Full of Grace” that has been released in the year 2004 is a melodramatic film which tells a complex and fascinating story of a Hispanic girl from Columbia who finds her self being involved to different shenanigans that have brought her to travel from Columbia to the United States. In Spanish, the movie entitles “María llena eres de gracia.” The movie is produced under the combination of effort coming from both Colombian-American filmmakers. Also, “Maria Full of Grace” is prearranged through the writings and directions of a great playwright as well a respected American movie director named “Joshua Marston.”Moreover, the movie “Maria Full of Grace” also features a well known talented Hispanic actress named “Catalina Sandino Moreno” who has played the leading character in the movie as “Maria” wherein she has gathered prestigious awards for Best Actress at Berlin Film Festival and has been one of the nominees for the Academy Award of the same category in the concluded 77th Academy Awards. Certainly, the role of Catalina in the “Maria Full of Grace” has made her entry to the list of three Hispanic actresses that are ever been nominated for an Academy Award for the Best Actress in line with the Mexican actress Salma Hayek for the movie Frida in the year 2002 and with the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz for her portrayal in the film “Volver” in 2006.The film tells about the story of struggle and difficulties in the life of a 17 years old Hispanic girl named Maria. Just like the usual teenagers in Columbia, Maria has her own share of difficulties and her own version of struggles that have been very well influential in her life that have brought her to a situation wherein she has been through different experiences of the painful realities of life.

With the pressure in her family wherein she has to work to be able to support the needs of her mother and sister plus the problem of being pregnant from a guy whom she discovered she has fall out of love, Maria has been forced to come up in decision to work in one of the local drug traffickers as a “Mule” (a person who smuggle drugs from another country by means of swallowing and storing through their stomach). In this line of work, Maria has got the chance to travel to New York wherein she is expected to transport the pellets of heroine from Columbia to the United States. In the U.S., Maria has fallen into the hands of New York anti-drugs operatives and suspected that she is one of the mule carrying drugs from Columbia to the United States. Witnessing the hazardous effect of her work in the body wherein she saw how a colleague suffer from a ruptured pellet of heroine in here stomach, she decided to escape from the gang and decided not to go back in Columbia.

In the United States, Maria is able to start a new and finds her destiny in the diverse as well as complex city of New York.In a sense, the flow and theme of the movie “Maria Full of Grace” depicts a different picture of the United States wherein it is normally regarded as a place of hope for those people who aspires for a better life and tried to look for their fate in a country that which holds a society with a diverse cultural background, and where there are numerous opportunities to land in a decent job. In the story and eyes of Maria, as one of the luckiest mule who have made it in the United States, her story of her travel in the United States is picture of her difficulties and hardships in life back in Columbia as seen in contrast to the normal aims of people who travels in the United States carrying the thoughts of hope and aspirations that the said country will save their lives from the sad realities of life.Analysing the decision of “Maria” that is to stay in the United States without holding knowledge about the way of life in U.S.

and does not even know how to speak English is a sign of gamble on her part wherein she do not distinguish the worth of going back to her country and return to a situation that she has been through before. In addition to this, the decision of Maria to stay in the United States is also seen to be her own way to escape from her past and start a new life in a country that has served to be a second home for a large number of people who seeks and aspires for a new life. In the end, Maria may not possibly understand what she has been doing when she decided to stay in the United States but the thought that the country has numerous lists of opportunities to offer her is a huge risk to take that could have positioned her into jeopardy. Nonetheless, it is seen that such decision has been a source of new life and a glimpse of hope, which later revealed that United States is the perfect country for her to start a new life and take that second chance of establishing a better one.ReferenceMaria Full of Grace (2004).

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