Unethical Practice in Government Than in the Private Sector Essay

In my opinion, a business organization most of the time tolerate techniques bordering the unethical to pursue the business and to establish good relationships. In the Philippines, as we all know, we have a bureaucratic system in all our government agencies. In order to expedite the process, business owners may facilitate it in different ways and as to how fit they see it. Small or big gestures are construed as “abilidad” and bordering to act of bribery.This is an unavoidable circumstance given that we, Filipinos, value relationship, hospitality and traits that are specific to our culture.

In some, it may not be to achieve revenue objectives but rather merely a representation of the business to establish a good relationship with government. This “abilidad” mostly can be observed in small and medium scale enterprises rather than multinational corporations. Multinational corporations may already have established policies for dealing with government agencies and act of bribery may not be tolerated.In my personal experience, when a business is in the midst of deciding whether to give in or not in techniques bordering unethical, it is very likely that the business will give in.

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This decision is due to the fact that if a business will not give in to the request or demand of the government, consequence such as stricter imposition of rules/law, cover-to-cover audit of books etc. will be the end result, thus delaying or even preventing achievement of the revenue objectives.Based on the above issue, it can be clearly implied that there are more unethical practice in the government that in the private sector, primarily because the response of the business owners or manager to cultivate “abilidad” is a reaction to the demands of the government. This assumption may only be true for the Philippine government and not in other country – where people who work for the government can earn more than those in private sectors and are well respected.

In other countries, the government gives value to those who chose to work for the country, meaning, they receive more salary and benefits. As such, it is unlikely that these people will still be involved in act of bribery or unethical actions. In the private sector, there may have been instance of unethical practice however is isolated for a business organization. Also, connivance in doing unethical practice in the private practice is difficult since there are always check and balances in a business organization.