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Bring more work to the local people No Yes Is tourism beneficial to you? Visitors Questionnaires Where have you travelled from? No Yes Is this your first time you visit Windsor? Plane Bus Car Train How did you get to Windsor? Business Attractions Shopping What is the reason that made you come to Windsor? No Yes Would you consider coming back to Windsor next time? Excellent Good Bad What do you think of Windsor? 4. Land Use Survey When I visited Windsor Castle I examined these areas:  Thames street Peasod Street Castle Hill Windsor and Eton Central shopping mall.

I recorded the type of shops and what kind of things where sold. The purpose of this was to see whether the shops in Windsor cater more for tourists or locals. 5. House Prices I investigated the houses prizes in three different areas that I choose which are Windsor, slough, and staines to see whether houses in Windsor are more expensive then the surrounding areas. I am going to be doing this to four types of houses which are flat, terraced, semi-detached, detached so I can see if houses prices are more expensive in Windsor then the surrounding areas and find out what the reason is. 6.

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Observations During my visit to Windsor I observed many things as I walked around the town which is: Amount of letter on the floor  How clean the air was  Style of buildings  Amount of noise  How crowded where some areas 7. Photographs I took many photographs to record any evidence that might support my results. 8. Informal interviews I interviewed Shop keepers, local resident, people who work for tourist information and taxi drivers. I interviewed them to ask about there personal view of tourism and there advantages and disadvantages of tourism Data Presentation and Analysis.

I interviewed fourteen people both males and females, seventy-five percent were women and twenty-five percent were males. The reason more women were interviewed was because women were more approachable then men. Age The bar chart above shows that the majority of peoples that I have interviewed where Retired. And the minorities were children. There were very few children because I have carried out my investigation on the 17th June 2005. On this day all children were at school for these reason children were the least. Why are you here? I did this bar chart to find out what is the main reason that brings people to visit Windsor.

My result on this graph shows that most local residents come to Windsor to work. This supports my predictions that Windsor brings more work to the local people. The tourism industry creates many jobs in the local area which is very beneficial to the country as it will improve the standard of living and an increase in work employment. Is your job related to tourism? Analysis In this pie chart we can see that 45 % of the people I questioned worked in a tourists industry this is one of the benefit of tourism. It creates employment and therefore benefits local residents.

How does tourism affect you? Throughout my visit to Windsor I have questioned a number of people and asked questions related to tourism in Windsor. One elderly lady that I have come across said that because of the tourists industry ”the town becomes very overcrowded and it is difficult to get around”. Many people said similar things. I think the reason for this is that at the peak season Windsor get densely populated with citizens and many cars polluting the air which results in poor air quality. Also as Windsor gets crowded Condition of pavements and noise level increases.

In my opinion these are one of the main disadvantages that tourism has on Windsor. Because Windsor is a honey pot site which attracts thousands of visitors every year therefore at the peak season it becomes very busy. This is one of the costs of tourism. Negative effects of tourism? This pie chart indicates the main negative effect of tourism. The majority of visitors that I have questioned have said that Windsor was an expensive and overcrowded place. The reason for this is that Windsor is a honey pot with many people approaching it everyday for several reasons the two main reasons are tourism and work.

Because there are lots of tourists visiting Windsor the prices tend to be higher, for this reason most of the questioned peoples mentioned expensive prices. Positive effects of tourism At Windsor I have asked approximately twenty people for the main reason for there coming to Windsor, and the majority said either money, or jobs, this tells us that Windsor employ many people and generate an enormous amount of money. We can see through this pie chart that plenty of money is generated through tourism in Windsor which is a enormous benefit.

Site evaluation Throughout my visit to Windsor I have evaluated four sites which were Windsor Station, Windsor Castle, River Thames, and Windsor Central Station where there are shopping centres. I have visited these sites to investigate the quality of pavements, amount of litter, natural vegetation, air quality, and level of noise. My results show that Windsor Station was the worst site. The level of noise was loud and the pavements were very awful. There was also lots of litter which made Windsor station very disorganized and bad looking.

The reason I have obtained this result was because Windsor station is very crowded, this affected the pavements and there was also a very bad traffic congestion which made the station extremely noisy. During my visit to Windsor I realized that was litter bins and rubbish cleaners available in every site to keep the streets clean and tidy. The most excellent site was Windsor Castle the reason for this is that because it is a honey pot with many tourists visiting it every year, it is extremely well looked after with many letter bins every three to four metres.

There are various cleaners which keeps the Castle clean. The pavements are in a very good condition the air quality is good as well. Questionnaire: Visitors to Windsor 1. Age and Gender 2. Reasons for Visiting Windsor During my investigation in Windsor I have asked many visitors what is the reason of them being in Windsor and the most common answers were Windsor Castle, Lego land, Shopping or Business this tells us that shops in Windsor attracts numerous amount of people every year. An attraction such as Windsor Castle and Lego land also brings tourists from all over the world.

Additionally many people visited Windsor to make businesses which is an advantage to Windsor. My graph shows that 17 out of 35 questioned Visitors came to Windsor to visit Windsor Castle. This indicates that Windsor Castle attracts thousands of visitors every year which will profit Windsor. Through my graph I know can say that Windsor and Lego Land brings the majority of tourists to Windsor which is very beneficial. This result also supports my hypothesis. 3. Transport used by visitors My result was as expected the most common type of transport used was the train, 21 out 29 visitors came to Windsor using the train.

In my opinion the reason trains were used the most I think was because they are the quickest and the most efficient transport as you don’t have to worry about parking your car or getting stuck in traffic congestion. The minority of visitors used cars to get to Windsor. The reason not many visitors used the cars was because it is difficult to travel to Windsor using a car because there are many traffic congestions which will delay the visitor journey. This affects the visitors, for these reason visitors tend to use the trains.

Through my pie graph I can see that Visitors who use cars don’t have a huge impact on Windsor as there aren’t many visitors that use cars. 4. Places where visitors stayed Throughout my investigation in Windsor, seeing the affect of tourism on Windsor I have questioned twenty-one visitors on the places they are going to stay in. This graph shows the twenty-one visitors that I have questioned. My results show the popular answers that I was given was not staying in London, friend’s house, staying in hotel. Twenty-one which is the majority of the visitors said that they stayed in the hotels.

Two visitors said that they were staying in there friends house and only one said not staying in London. Opinions on the town of Windsor Traffic Count When I visited Windsor I wrote the number and type of vehicles and that passed though Riverside Station for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the afternoon. TRAFFIC COUNT RESULTS TABLE Total Local bus Tourist Coach Taxis Cars Commercial vehicle OUT I have worked out the percentage of the number of vehicles that both entered and left Windsor.

PERCENTAGES OF VEHICLE ENTERING AND LEAVING Local bus Tourist Coach Taxis Cars Vehicles Commercial 8% 6% 10% 42% 34% IN 15% 3% 53% 6% 23% OUT During my visit to Windsor I have also asked several questions which related to Windsor and tourism. This bar chart shows the average result of four sites which are Windsor Station, Windsor Castle, River Thames, and Windsor Central Station. This bar chart shows the quality of four different things on a scale of one to four. Four is excellent, three is good, two is satisfactory, and one is unsatisfactory.

My result shows that the quality of the natural vegetation and condition of pavement out side Riverside Station is four which means excellent. I suppose the reason for this is that Windsor is a honey pot for many tourists that are visiting London, for this reason it is well looked after, this makes is attractive. Photographs During my visit to Windsor I took a picture of two smashed bikes. In this picture we can see a poor quality of vegetation, bricks, wood which makes the place very messy and untidy . Peasod Street is home to many shops in Windsor. Peasod also attracts many tourists and local people as it is a shopping area.

This is Windsor Castle State Entrance (right); statue of King Charles the Second (left) View of the castle from the Long Walk When the Queen is living in the castle you can see the Royal Standard flying on the top of the Round Tower. There are four quarters on the Royal Standard: the three lions represent England (and Wales), the single lion represents Scotland, and the harp represents Ireland. When the Queen is not there, the Union Jack is flown. House Prices We can see through this graph the average lines in different locations and how much more the price of Windsor properties Evaluation.

I have carried out my study in Windsor to investigate whether tourism is beneficial to Windsor or not, for this reason I have decided to produce a hypothesis at the start of my study. The reason I have included a hypothesis is because it can help me to determine at the end of my project to distinguish whether my prediction supports my results. In my traffic count investigation I assembled the flow of traffic into and out of Windsor Riverside station on the main road leading into Windsor called Thames Street because I wanted to see the volume and type of traffic coming into and leaving the town at different times.

The flow of traffic in Windsor at different times differs, for this reason I have carried out my traffic count in the morning and afternoon. Using this method will ensure accurate and dependable information. If I did this project again I would have made me results much more accurate in various ways for instance. During my investigation I felt that I have not obtained a very accurate result as a consequence of the day and time I carried out my investigation.

On this day there weren’t any school kids and many other peoples were at work this affected my result. There are several ways my results could have been more accurate. * Having to carry out my investigation several times then working out an average would have made my results much reliable. The drawback for this is that it can be time consuming. ould have chosen a day during a bank holiday day to carry out my investigation, as there isn’t school on this day or work which will make my results accurate.