Unit Alvarez Essay

Since this learning I began to apply these concepts to my household’s monthly expenses. It so much easier to use those functions-which do all of the work for me. Another two key features in Excel are financial functions and hyperlinks. The financial functions help us and businesses make key decisions. An example would be if we had personal loans, or a mortgage. In this we can set up an Excel worksheet with the MET function that helps us see how much interest we are paying on said loans every month.

Furthermore, the financial functions allow us to calculate loan and payments and values, and create loan amortization schedules. Another part of Excels integration capability is embedding hyperlinks to other documents. We are able to refer cells by assigned names, and on inserting financial functions, amortization schedules, and data tables. Financial functions are set up using arguments, and the insert function process provides a fill-in box for the argument.

The Data tables can be used to present comparisons of the results of Scenarios (What- Ifs) run for different values. They can also be used to organize data and to automate data analysis (Atomic Learning , 2015). Excel worksheets can also be used as databases, Pivot Tables, Trend lines, ND slickers. Other database functions built into Excel include the use of data forms for entering and changing data; the creation and use of Lookup Tables, Sorting, and Outfitter; and advanced filtering or querying of the database.

The advanced filtering is a concept that have already begun doing with my spreadsheets at work. Another great feature of Excel workbooks is that it presents templates as a timeserving way to create standard and frequently used worksheets. Frequently, needed data exists on different worksheets within one workbook, or within different workbooks. This is something useful for my line of work, because sometimes we need to pull student test scores from several worksheets to determine how well they are doing.

With this, I am able to consolidate the data from all the separate worksheets so that the school can quickly see how well the students are doing. One of the most difficult units for me was the learning of Visual Basic for Applications (ABA). This is an event-driven programming language that can be used to extend the functionality of Excel. The Excel macro recorder uses ABA to create macros. ABA can also be used directly to build user interfaces for Excel documents, and to create software applications for others to use from our complex worksheets.