Unit Three: Text Questions Essay

Unit Three: Text QuestionsReview Questions1.

What is toxicology?-Toxicology is the study of substances that cause adverse effects in humans or other organisms.2.Who was Mathieu Orfila?-Mathieu Orfila, he is a Spanish-born chemist, he published one of the first written works dedicated to the topic of poisons and medications.3.What is strychnine? What symptoms does it cause?-I don’t know what it is but I know where it comes from, Strychnine comes from the seeds of the strychnine tree, symptoms include painful cramps and muscle contractions.

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4.What is percent saturation?-Percent saturation is the ratio of hemoglobin that has been combined with carbon monoxide in comparison to hemoglobin that has been combined with oxygen.5.What is aconite? What symptoms does it produce?-Aconite is also sometimes known as women’s bane, wolfsbane, or monkshead, and it comes from the aconite plant, symptoms produced are a numb or tingling feeling.Critical Thinking Questions1.

What characteristics do substances often have that make them attractive as a poison when someone wants to intentionally harm another person? -Some characteristics that make them attractive are things such as odorless and colorless and tasteless.2.Describe three different samples that can be used to test for poisons. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these samples? -You can usepercent saturation I only know disadvantage for this one and the disadvantage is that this picks up only carbon monoxide, then there is the reinsch test the advantage is that it will pick up most poisons and also you can test for heavy metals I don’t know any advantages and disadvantages for this one.3.Why are poisons used less today than they were in the past? What factors influenced this change? -They are used less today because they can be more easily detected with our new technology.