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Analyse what was involved in each activity (the people involved, what you were trying to achieve etc). Describe how the importance and influence of citizenship issues is shown in your activity. Firstly we began by investigating the social needs in our community and writing about what kind of problems people have. We then discussed which issue we felt was most important and decided democratically to choose domestic violence. We found out how important charities are in providing support in this area.

Secoundly we also believe that all children have rights under the United Nations Conventions of the rights of the children and women who suffer unecessarily in domestic violence and this charity works hard to promote the rights of domestic violence that women and children suffer in. These two explanations show that during this Youth Philanthrophy Initiative project for charities as a group we wanted to achieve specifically on providing by planning on how to pay a sum of money to this charity to make them feel like what we have they can also have and can also be happy

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During this Youth Philanthrophy Initiative (YPI) it made me feel so confident that i could work in a group with some people which the majority of them are focused on the activity which the goal was to raise a big sum of money for the charity it’s important for us to investigate issues because it helps before planning on how to help the charity solve their problems and by booking an appointment to visit the charity would help us becuase we can see how the atmosphere of the charity is and the different sections this charity deals with.

Section Three: Communication List of supporting evidence List the support material and resources you used or produced as part of your work for the activity. Show the variety of support material used (eg written, tape, photographic etc). List of my evidence  1. Powerpoint Presentation-photogrphs to do with the charity and story’s women have experienced during domestic violence. 2.Research-Looking at the different types of cases the charity deals with and seeing if the charity really does there mission by dealing with the root of domestic violence.

3.Poster-photographs from internet and effective writing used to show the audience what domestic violence can do to people’s lives so help if you can. 4.Poem-copied from the charity website to read to the audience what a home should be like no matter what arguments are caused a home should be the sweetest place. Use of Supporting Evidence Describe how the support material and/or resources were used or produced, and also show how you used this evidence to support arguments and make judgements. During this Youth Philanthrophy Iniative (YPI) project our aim was to save charities on raising a big sum of money to make them feel comfortable in society no matter whether they are homeless, have been abused etc.

As I was doing the other half of the Powerpoint Presentation I couldn’t just use my own ideas to write about the charity otherwise what i would have written on the powerpoint Presentation would not have linked to what the charity does and the other half of the presentation being made by my assistant would be completely different to my half of the presentation so i came to a decision that i should reasearch on the charity’s website to get information about what the charity deals with and add it to my powerpoint. This research helped me to discover a lot about the case Domestic violence it made me realise that they are many victims of Domestic Violence in Britain each year. This information was used to find out about domestic violence in Britain and about the charity this information then helped us to argue the importance of this area in our presentation.

Since the charity was emailed to book appointment for us to visit the charity and the reply was a slide show a member of the group does the subject art so was able to create the poster this helped her to come to a decision that without visiting the charity you can make a effective poster which will draw the the audience’s attention to it because of the illstrations and symbols used on the poster. This was used to show that this charity need more people to come and support these people who suffer from Domestic violence. Finally, near to the deadline I was on the charity’s website just trying to see if i had missed out any information about the charity on my powerpoint and i spotted a refuge poem so i decided to read it out to audience.