Universality Muslims, on the very Day of Judgment.

Universality in different religions gets prominence on the terms
of their adulates. The staunchness of their cohorts can be measured when they
show their profound love for the respective sacred spots.

Islam, too, has a vivid culture of holy places which is still
alive in the hearts of Muslims. Hajr-e-Aswad (The Black Stone) with its
graceful epitomized value attracts a flood of Muslims every year on the special
occasions of Hajj and Umrah.

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Hajr-e-Aswad is aptly balanced in the southeast boundary wall of
the Kaabah. Several narrations elucidate its significant history. The esteem
and respect of this holy stone remained same in all descriptions and narrations
at any rate. According to the citations (Hadiths) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be
upon Him) It is to be sure that the stone shows a great relevance with jannah
(heaven).It is also narrated that this very stone was installed by Hazrat
Ibrahim (AS) and his son Hazrat Ismail (AS).As per narration, it is also said that
this stone was the very last block to be fit in, in the process of construction
of Kaaba.While both father and son didn’t get the accomplishing stone, then
Gabriel delivered it, due to which it is said to be a heavenly stone.

It is evident from an ensconced Hadith that this Holy stone works
as a restorative for the sins of mankind. Its milky white color, at the time of
its initial appearance, now gets black due to an increase in the errs of Adam’s

Hajr e Aswad is an incarnation of reverence in the religious
documents of Muslims. Another Hadith justifies its mode of personification, to
measure the faith of Muslims, on the very Day of Judgment. It is said that on
this day the person who have kissed it as an obligatory part during Hajj and
Umrah, will be ranked on the best levels of faith. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
performed Hajj, He kissed the stone while doing Tawaf (an important ritual of
Hajj). So the kissing is not only for the sake of fulfilling an important duty
but also to show the love for Sunnah (Accomplishments of Prophet).

Besides that this holy Black stone is called to be the one of
the gems of the Heaven, that is originally, extremely radiant, but Allah has veiled
that radiance just to maintain the natural order of the universe. Hajr e Aswad
also becomes the sufferer of some misconceptions due to the impression of idolatry.
But Muslims are of a steadfast belief that no stone can bring harm or benefit
to an individual without the Will of Allah. Secondly, Muslims are of the
thinking that they kiss (not lick) the stone in the remembrance of their
Prophet’s deed.