Universally, in maintaining and utilizing large collections

we all realise that there are many different types of subject can be found in
Computing Studies. But among those subjects, one of the important subject which
is the database. The database is an organized set of data. It usually stored in
a computer that can be looked at or even used in various ways. However, there
is a system called Database Management System or in short known as DBMS, which can
be related to database. A DBMS is a software designed to assist in maintaining
and utilizing large collections of data (Singh.
S, 2015). DBMS permits the
user to retain, create, define and manage databases. Currently, there are
several DBMSs that demanded by most of the companies which includes Oracle
RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB (Arden. R, 2017).


you aware it or not, database is a very important thing that always has a
connect with people. Most of the time, the database is located in everywhere. For
instance, the database system is used when a customer wants to make a booking
for hotels. Once the customer chooses his/her hotel rooms, the customer able to
reserve it through the hotel website. Then, the customer needs to make payments
for reserving the hotel rooms and also need to provide the customer information
about himself/herself, such as full name and travel dates. Based on the information
given, it will be retrieved from the database through database software. The
software will manages the information directly and also will automatically
reduce the number of the hotel rooms while the next customer visits the website.





we want to know more about the importance of database in Computing Studies, we
can discover the roles of the database in a business company. Most of the
companies are using complex relational DBMS which permit to gather and stores
data that build up over time. For instance, the historical data can show you on
business trends. Additionally, the database also can build the strong
relationship between the data. For instance, when a database has the
information about the workers sales data and other information have the product sales data, then the database
will manage the relationships according to both data in an orderly manner.
Actually, not just only this system can build the relationship between both data,
but it also can helps manager to know the importance of statistics of a company.


the database system can permit a better update. A useful database system
permits the manager of the company to make sure the information is always up to
date and delete the information which are no require. For instance, when a
sales worker is capable to sell around 500 units of a product, then the sales
worker can enter the information about that transaction in the system which
includes the customer name and some information along with the quantity of
products sold by the user. Due to the presence of database system, it will
allow the company to sell their products even more effective in the future.


For those students who have the skill and knowledge in database, they
can search for a job which related to database, such as a data analyst and
database administrator. Data analyst is a person who responsible to collect,
investigate and performs statistical analyses of data. They usually prepare
reports for internal and external audiences using business analytics reporting
tools. Apart from that, it also needs to provide a technical skill on data
storage structure, data mining and data cleansing. The next job is about database
administrator. Database administrator performs all activities which related to
maintaining a successful database environment. The duties of this job is to
monitor the efficiency of all database resources and make sure the maximum
service through identification of opportunities for improvement (Devi. A, 2008).


In conclusion, the reason for why database is an important subject
because the database is a multiple users. A database can be accessed by multiple users at the
same time. This mainly focused on large business companies with a lot of
workers who want to access the same data at the same time (Chapman. S, 2017). Simplicity also one the reason on why database is an important
subject. Simplicity indicates to represent all of the logical view of data in a
simple way. All the operations like delete, create and update are very easy to