University event, an Academic Officer “AO” who

University of South Florida System
is built upon the foundations of Academic Integrity. The Academic Integrity
policy briefly highlights the commitment to academic honesty and personal
integrity of its university community. Faculty, staff and students share a academic
duty to uphold the academic standards of honesty and integrity set forth by the
institution. To exert fairness to the community, University of South Florida asserts
regulations and these standards and regulations differ to both, the Offices of
Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. A definition of terms is established with
intent to educate and give reference to the community at University of Florida.
In case of an appropriate event, an Academic Officer “AO” who is vested with
authority to impose the sanctions generated by the instructor will offer Notice
to the student in a form of an email to the students official University Address.

of South Florida has strict regulations against Fabrication, Forgery, Obstruction,
Multiple Submissions (presenting same work for multiple courses over the course
of the degree pursued), Complicity (“Attempting to assist others in any act of
academic dishonesty.”), and improper use of team work credit. Moreover, one of
the most important things the University of South Florida emphasis upon is Plagiarism
which is a growing menace in students nationwide. Plagiarism consists of
anything from intentionally or carelessly representing work performed which is
not their own. Presentation of work, ideas, representation or words other
person with customary and proper acknowledgement of sources are also included
under Plagiarism. If documentation is an issue, students must consult with
their instructors for any clarification, and will have plagiarized if the work
is not properly documented. University of South Florida sets forth ethics upon
with plagiarism can be avoided which included use of direct quotations being identified
by quotation marks, footnotes and end notes for material summarized and any information
gained by reading or research which is not common knowledge to the students.

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of South Florida also has strict regulations around Solicitation or Purchase,
Misrepresentation, Misconduct in Research and Creative Endeavors, Computer
Misuse, Misuse of Intellectual Property and Violation of State and Federal Laws
regarding intellectual property. The university has also established a code on
severity of conduct determinations and academic sanctions. The general guidelines
focus on different violations and policies which are both different for
Graduate and Undergraduate Students. Moreover, the university also has policies
in places for Centralized Reporting, and “FF” grade guidelines. The severity of
Academic Integrity consists of four levels where each level has their own set
of implications and consequences.

steps are placed for the official process to take effect and ensure fairness in
each case with the final process involving dismissal and FF both reflecting on
the final transcript in the case where the academic integrity of the university
is affected. If a student feels that the decision made by the University of
South Florida has no factual basis or has violated a University Regulation or policy,
a student does have the right to appeal 
in from of the AIRB (Academic Integrity Review Board) for another
opportunity to look at the case with 30 days to the Circuit Court by way of
Writ of Certiorari.