UNIX Commands Table Essay

Command name: Is -a do not ignore entries starting with “” d list directory entires instead of contents, and do not deference symbolic Primary use This command is used to list the files with in a directory. Common results (including errors) Display everything with in that directory Command name: mkdir -m set file mode help display a help message If the directory does not exist then mkddir creates it. If there is an error then a error message would be sent out. Command name: rm -f ignore nonexistent files and never prompt before removing -i prompt before every removal.

Removes specified file. By default it will not remove directories Common Used to disgard files and directories. Command name: more -num set the number of lines that makes up a screenful -d this will prompt the user with the message press space to continue. is a filter for paging through text one screen at a time. Allows the user to read only on specific files not allowing them to change the file. Command name: du -a write counts for all files -c display a grand total. Estimates and displays the disk space being used

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Allows the use see how mud space is abilable Command name: chmod u user who owns the file g group that owns the files r read files Changes permissions of a file Changes the files modes bits of each given file according to mode with can be either symbolic representation of changes to make an octal number. Command name: -d, ”date display time -f ”flie like the date but processed once each line of the datafile Primary use prints or sets the system time and date Displays date and time.