Urbanization Trends Essay

Urbanization is caused by the migration of people from a more rural area to an area with more buildings, modernization, and opportunity of employment. This urbanization is based on the fact that urban areas tend to have a higher concentration of jobs for the more skilled laborers and professionals. Since most rural areas usually lack many employment opportunities, the people that make up rural populations migrate to urban areas in search of better opportunities; now developing countries go away from economies based mainly on agriculture. As more people move from farms and villages, urban growth occurs.

Urban trend growths appear to be the same for all countries, even the poorest of countries. One such developing country that has experienced a trend in urbanization is Mexico. During the early 1920s Mexico had a revolution that drove many people around the country into the current area known as Mexico City (Urbanization, 2004). As this area began to expand between 1940 to 1970 at a growth rate of 5 percent per year, the government struggled to expand urbanization to other major cities. With urbanization came the building of new roadways, sewage canals, electricity and the like to accommodate for the spike in population.

By 1990, Mexico City reached a population of more than 20 million residents (Mexico City, 2004). In Mexico, it is an everyday struggle for the poor of rural areas to try and migrate to a more urbanized area in search of better opportunity. The people migrate with hopes of finding employment and being able to provide for their family.


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