US 101 Goal-Setting Worksheet Essay

Goal-Setting WorksheetIdentify and describe one short-term and one long-term academic goal and one personal goal.Analyze the goals using SMART criteria.GoalsSpecificMeasurableAttainableRelevantTime frameShort-term goal:Successful Effective Time management for schoolUsing a planner or agendaYes it is possible for to to obtain this goal.

I have a planner/agenda in which I will be using I have everything I would need to be successful with this goal I have given myself enough time every day fo studyLong-term goal:Successfully complete my degreeUsing a planner or agenda, staying in close contact with my graduation team, contacting my instuctors if I need help Yes I have the materials , and the staff to assist me with this goal.It is possible for me to attain this goal I possess the necessary tools required to become successfulI have given myself enough time to meet this goalPersonal goal:Also continue with personal growth pertaining to health,wellness, and spiritual well being, and cosmetology Blocking out time for oersonal growth, and spiritual well being. Continuing to further my educatin, attending local hair shows I have the materials. I have a planner, utilizing it , andchecking over it a few times a week to be sure that I’m staying on target.

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It is possible for me to attain this goal I have all the required tools to complete the goalI have given myself more than enough time to complete this goal successfullyRespond to the following questions in 50 to 100 words each:What role does motivation play in goal achievement?The role in which motivation plays is very important.Motivation is key. Keeping up my momentum, means to keep my drive.Also it means keeping the desire for reaching my goal alive. Breaking down one big goal into smaller mile stones is also a great tool which can help keep up my motivation. To stay committed to the process. To always think of the pay off when I complete each goal.How will you maintain your motivation through the course of achieving long-term goals? I will separate my gaols into smaller goals.

Smaller goals ,which take less time are easier to meet. Completing smaller goals will give me a since of achievement, when I successfully complete them. I will make sticky notes, and use my planner. I will check on my progress weekly, and review my notes daily.

Using these tools will help keep up my motivation.