Use of Computer Essay

Computer video games that feature sports have become quite popular among gamers. More types of sports are being simulated and different types of consoles have been created to satisfy the increasing audience of technology enthusiasts. There have even been games that introduced a way for you to hold a control, which would act as your tennis racket or baseball bat, and allowed you to play against a virtual enemy through actual physical movements, such as you would in a real match.Today, computers have gone beyond video games when it comes to sports. These devices are now depended on by athletes and their coaches to enhance their performance and to keep track of their progress in training and during actual competitions.

For example, in baseball, there are gadgets that are attached to a computer to measure the speed and accuracy of a pitcher. There is also one that detects the movement of the ball based on how two or more batters hit it, allowing a comparison for the best technique to score home runs.In swimming, training includes learning how the position of arms and the type of stroke can affect your ability to move smoothly in the water through simulation software. During winter events, there is a microchip installed in a strap placed around the ankle of a skier to keep track of his movement along the vast snowy racetrack.

This also allows the judges and officials to easily monitor the progress of the games even from several kilometres away, just through the data transmitted to a computer screen.