The visual information as help. Also, this

The research that I collected for this Graphics Page consisted of cut-outs of various tennis merchandise from magazines and catalogues and printed images from the internet of similar products to what I will be making and learning from. Also there will be various fabrics, colour patterns and poster cutouts relevant to the practical making of my graphics project, for the poster promotion of the tennis stadium and the key ring for example.

I did this imagery research and glued them all over the sheet, as I believed they would be necessary and useful in giving me an indication of what these products that I will be making myself look like and feel like in real life. I. e. ) Size, shape, colour, texture, fabrics used, detail, complexity, etc… so therefore it was important in giving me an indication of what is involved in making these products and what I would probably have to consider. It is relevant to my project as the images are of objects and items that I will either be making or using to help me for certain aspects of my project.

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For example, either understanding how to make my products and what will be needed, or what I need to understand and consider in creating my graphics page, such as ‘existing products research’ and ‘logo and lettering styles’. It sets up the rest of the project in order for me to complete the work using this visual information as help. Also, this further informs me for the rest of the project, as I know what to research for in the other research areas, and what will appeal to people who see it. E. g. ) Colours, style, making of it and textual content.

Research – Logos and Lettering Styles. The research information that I collected for this particular page consisted of many logos and lettering styles associated with tennis advertisements and merchandise. For example the Wimbledon logo, the Wilson logo associated with the merchandise of tennis balls and racquets and the US Open logos found on posters and t-shirts. I found all the tennis associated images on the Internet from various tennis websites and organizations, as there is a wide database and source to search through and gather from.

As for the lettering styles, I gathered this from Microsoft Word as it has a list of writing styles to choose from in its library of them. It is appropriate for my major project, as I had to analyse the logos and lettering styles so I could understand the purpose of the logos and how they were designed and coloured for certain effects. E. g. ) For the plainly coloured background to help make the brand name in bold font stand out, and catch the viewers attention as being important. I hoped to find out if there were similarities between tennis logos’ design and possibly why this was.

E. g. ) Are logos that promote tennis events similar? Also, the usefulness of this was to help me in Page 9; Logo design Development and in my practical making of an official poster to promote the stadium. Help in areas like which colours to use, the appropriate and stylish font and images and logos that I could put on the poster. The logos when analysing and comparing them are useful in teaching me what pictorial techniques are used to provide certain effects from the logo to the audience. E. g.)

How the logo is designed to promote an event or brand name and to attract viewers or persuade them. Research – Existing Products. Quite similar to the logos and lettering styles page, this area of research also incorporated collecting images from the Internet from various tennis websites who either sell or picture merchandise of tennis products. These bitmap images will involve pictures associated with the practical side of the project such as: US Open T-Shirts, key rings, tennis balls, video games, Tennis stadiums and film memorabilia.

I carried out this research as it was important in helping me making decisions and giving me useful advice for the practical section of the major project, such as how the products are made, what styles look best and which merchandise I should make and what purpose it is for. I hoped to find out from this research about what types of brand names are promoted the most and in what particular merchandise, what design techniques and colour pattern look best and why, whether these items contrast or not, and whether I should incorporate these features into my own making.

It is there to give me quick visual ideas and information as reference for my work. The pictorial images teach me the sort of merchandise that is promoted in the industry, the ways that they look and are produced and certain methods used by developers in production. Aswell as this is also the common colours and fabrics that are used for specific types of merchandise. This research gives me information for the design and making of my tennis merchandise and the development (design) of these on a graphics page, either an A3 sheet on Corel Draw 10 or a model plan of the tennis stadium on Pro-Desktop.

I can incorporate what I have realised and learnt from the research to add in designing and making my products, aiding me along the process. Research – Questionnaire and Results. The information collected was from people’s answers in relation to the questions set that they filled in on the questionnaire sheet. The information from each of the ten people was useful as the questions were constructed in order for the answers to be relevant and useful for my project. These answers were about: ┬áThe gender of the person and their age.