v the execution of this project, I was

v  Introduction

CE 2.1

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In the first career episode, I would like to illustrate and
elaborate my bachelor project. The project title was “Analysis on a convective cooling method using stator
blade”. During the execution of this project,
I was pursuing third year of my bachelor’s
degree in Aeronautical engineering from CM Engineering College (MALLAREDDY
GROUP OF INSTITUTES). I have done this project with three of my classmates who
has shown some interest when I first explained them the concept. We began this
project on June/2011 and completed by July/2011. All the project activities were carried out in Hyderabad, India. I have worked
on this project as team leader.


CE 2.2

CM Engineering College is one of the outstanding engineering colleges which provide education services for 19 years and still producing the
best, qualitative and competitive bachelor students. College was established
under the shelter of Malla Reddy Group of Institutions. It is affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.

CE 2.3

Surface cooling of the stator blade is very important for the blade’s
life, because the inlet temperature produced by the burning fuel in turbine gas
engine was beyond the melting point of the blade material. Therefore, in this project, a study was carried out on different
turbine blade cooling methods. The scope of this
project was to study and conducting analysis on the best cooling methods like convective heat transfer for slow speed engine’s,
as the abundant available high-pressure cooling air as a coolant to cool the turbine blade and the
analysis of various methods to increase the cooling effectiveness. In this
project, I used a stator blade with a twist of 45 degree in its angle which
allows the air to flow through the surface of stator blade material by using
convection cooling method. Hence the stator blade analysis was carried out by
commercial CFD/CFX package.