Valkyrie Essay

Valkyrie Adolf Hitler was one of the most hated men in history, he was known as pure evil. In the film Valkyrie, we witness one of many attempts to assassinate Hitler. The German Resistance plot to assassinate Hitler and overthrow his Nazi government by modifying Hitler’s own emergency plan Operation Valkyrie. In the movie the protagonist, Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, joins the German Resistance and is the one who is chosen to kill Hitler and command the army to overthrow the Nazi government.

Hitler’s death was needed to free German soldiers from their oath of loyalty to him. Operation Valkyrie was meant to give the plotters control over the government so they could make peace with the Allies and end the war. One of the main conflicts in this film was character vs. society. Adolf Hitler was hated by many, and soldiers were forced to obey him because of their oath of loyalty. Even when German soldiers realized they did not agree with Hitler’s plans and actions they had no way out, the only option was to kill Hitler and end the war.

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Hitler was hungry for power and did not care who he took down in order to proceed with his plans and continue to rule over Germany. Another character conflict was with the protagonist, Col. Claus von Stauffenberg, a German soldier. Von Stauffenberg was against Hitler’s ruling over Germany, which was causing the death of his own people, he knew eventually everyone would die for nothing. Von Stauffenberg was a caring man and was loyal to Germany, he loved his family and did not want to see his children growing up in Nazi Germany with all the racism caused by Hitler.

Col. Von Stauffenberg was also a stubborn man, after he lost his arm in Africa, he did not want any help from anyone. His stubborn mind did not help when he was supposed to activate the bombs, if only Stauffenberg would’ve asked Lt. Werner von Haeften for help, the plot might have succeeded. Col. Von Stauffenberg also had his sacrifice and loyalty to Germany in his favor, because of those traits Hitler trusted him and was able to get Hitler to sign the amendment to the Valkyrie.

Another bad side to Stauffenberg’s stubbornness was that he never confirmed Hitler’s death, and wasted time arguing with messages saying he was alive, when he could have came up with a second plan and not risked him and the rest of his crew to be executed. Another conflict in the film, Valkyrie was character vs. nature. The original plot was to engage the bomb in an enclosed meeting room, but because of the hot weather the meeting was moved to a different room with open windows.

If only the weather circumstances had no effect on the original place, the plan could have gone accordingly. Also, when Hitler slammed his hand on the table it moved the suitcase containing the bomb farther away from Hitler. If only the plotters had more control of where the bomb was placed, Hitler would have been killed the way it was planned. Von Staufenberg made another mistake by only placing one bomb in the suitcase, instead of all three together to automatically cause a chain reaction.