Device anatomy: E-cig and ItsComponents Alarge number of e-cigarettes are available in the market today. These vapingdevices have different colors, shapes and sizes. Although these e-cigs are notthe same in visual look but they have similar parts. Being a vaper it isimportant for you to understand the anatomy of e-cigarette so that you couldchoose the right device and take good care of it. A simple vape device consistsof three main components.1. The Tank Itholds the e-juice and provides connection with the mod. It is typicallycombined with the atomizer.

The tank comes in different size, shapes andcolors. These cartridges or tanks can be used many times but you have to cleanthe tank properly whenever you change the flavor of e-juice otherwise it issuggested to replace the tank.2. The AtomizerItis the mid part of a vaping device that holds the tank and it is attached withbattery on the other side.

It has a heating element known as coil which heatsup immediately right after the device is activated. The coil is used forvaporizing the e-juice. It converts the e-juice into vapor.

a.     Howto prime your vape coil?Priming a vape coil is a technique used to make surethat cotton inside the coil is completely soaked. This dampness will keep thewick safe from burning and overheating. Always follow the rule out with the old, in with the new.First of all remove the old coil and screw the new one. This will increase thegriping for further usage. It also avoids e-juice from dropping on your hands.For priming a coil simply follow these steps:                                i.

           Saturatethe wicking material. On the top of coil’s head look for thejuice hole. Take the bottle of e-liquid and add drop of vape juice in each andevery hole to saturate the wick. Saturate the cotton with the e-juice. Forsoaking the center of wick, add another drop in the hole. However, do not over-saturatethe wick in order to avoid flooding and letting e-juice to rush inside yourmouth.                             ii.

           Takesome dry hits. After filling the device properly, reassemblethe tank first and then re-attach to the battery. After doing that, take some dryhits before triggering the ignition button of device battery. Doing this willtransfer the vape juice into the cotton of wick.                           iii.

           Breakin the coil. When it comes to prime the coil, themost significant aspect is to soak the wick. Now it’s important to break in thenew wire. After heating up the wire expands and contracts after cooling down soit’s better to break the wire slowly. For this purpose you should use new coilfrom lower wattage to normal. After few hits you should slowly increase thewattage to normal. Doing this will ensure your coil is properly primed withcotton.

 b.     Whenyou should change vape coilChanging the coil is necessary after some time notto get burnt or dry taste. Coil has a great influence on the flavor so to get abetter flavor you need to change the coil. There is nothing to tell about thecleaning of coil, just avoid wetting the coil.

The coil will burn out if youwet it. The symptoms which tells us about the need of changing the coil are ·        When the vape coil or wick has burnedout.·        The e-juice flavor changes and youexperience burnt taste. ·        The vapor output decrease.·        Leakage issue. c.

      Changingthe vape coilReplacement of vape coil is easy and takes fewminutes, but there are different types of vape devices in the market. To changethe coil you have to follow these simple steps that fit for all vape devices.·        Separate the tank from the device.·        Clean the tank and remove the e-juice.·        Unscrew the old coil from the tank.

·        Screw in the new coil.·        Put the tank back. 3. The BatteryTherechargeable lithium battery powers the device and supplies charge to atomizerwhich in turn heats up. Battery is the main source of power generation soalways use the battery carefully. Don’t use a damaged battery and keep in mindthe safety precautions of using a battery.

Always put the batteries in a rightway if you put it wrongly the pins may get damaged. Whenever you carry any sparebatteries then keep them in a proper case because battery case will protect thewrapping of battery. If the wrapping is damaged the battery will be unsafe forusing.Temperatureis important element for handling the battery. Keep the battery in modest temperaturefrom 10 to 40 degree Celsius. If the battery gets warm remove it and let it tobe cool down then use it again.Anotherimportant element for your battery is charger.

Always use the correct chargerfor your battery and a proper wall plug adopter. Changing multiple chargers andadopter for your battery may damage the battery, your battery get swollen andsometimes get burst. If you keep changing the charger and adopter the batterywill be overloaded and will be damaged soon.

Take care of your charging device Makesure that you use your equipment within its limit and capacity, so be sure whatyou are doing. Keep in mind the safety precautions and study Ohm’s law ofvaping.Properlycharge you battery. Do not leave your battery unattended.

Overcharging batteryfor long time or charging the battery when it’s completely flat will reduce thestrength of battery. Use a quality charger for battery and avoid battery to getcompletely flat or overcharged.Chargeyour battery at a lowest rate. Cool down your battery after using then chargeit and inversely after charging cool down the battery before using it.Handlingtank screws and thread Properhandling of your tank screws and thread is necessary for their long lastinglife. For this purpose you have to handle it with care especially when you openor close the tank or when you attach tank mod with new kit.

Read theinstructions carefully before using any equipment.  Attach the tank with soft hand, overtightening and keeping screw too loose can damage the tank. If the screw is tootight then it will not be able to use for a while and too loose will increasethe risk of scratching and leading to other problems.

Everythingneeds proper care and maintenance. Maintenance is the key for long lastingusage of your vape device. For proper maintenance cleanliness is also necessaryso to enjoy maximum flavor on every hit, always keep your vape device clean.

Ihope after understanding the anatomy of e-cigarette and getting tips to take careof your device you can find the right e-cigarette of your choice and enjoyvaping.