Variations of how the same test was conducted

Variations in the experiment.

The data was collected by taking the measurements from a
stopwatch for time and counting the number of revolutions for different
weights. For any given experiment there are factors which will affect the
results which is why it is important to investigate the accuracy of the
measurements and how reliable they are. When it comes to the accuracy of the
data it is dependent on the conditions of how the experiment was conducted
using the equipment and how the individual handled it as well as how precise
they were. If the equipment was faulty then the results would be wrong as well
if the individual made an error in measuring the correct height or length will
also result in an incorrect result.

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Referring to the percentage deviation the data collected
must be smaller compared to the calculation value for it to be reliable. In any
given experiment there is some variation since there are different weights and
multiple testing.  During the experiment
of the three different weights, there should be a small difference of how the
same test was conducted without a huge margin or error or how the equipment was
utilized. Based on the results each measurement is slightly different from the
other meaning that when the experiment was repeated the measurement obtained
was approximately the same figure which made it reliable.

Based on both approaches for calculating the moment of
inertia, the calculation value is more reliable compared to the experimental
value; because the experimental value holds errors. Some of the errors that
could have occurred during the experiment include mishandling the
equipment,  miss-measuring the height,
the cord could have been overlapped or the movement of the mass that was on the
cord could have been affected by air resistance and friction which would reduce
the energy.

To minimise these errors the equipment has to be handled
correctly and carefully, the measurements have to be measured accurately, the
individual has to make sure that the cord does not overlap on the axle and the
experiment should be conducted in a closed environment with all windows and
doors close to ensure an accurate and reliable result.