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Once again the advantage of ICT is shown here mainly because the Operations department prove that with out1 of these software weather its SAGE or if it’s Macromedia Dreamweaver the company wouldn’t exist, as every piece of software where is VITAL to the company and is used in its own way, mainly Varndean runs from offices in a large company building. So this means that their Hardware is protected from thieves and is in a non-practical area, For example is doesn’t share a building with a office of a Indoor football training pitch or a workshop.

One of the most important pieces of ICT used in any company or maybe The most important has to be the Internet or the World Wide Web (WWW). This is used everyday, every week and always on. I think that a huge company like Varndean would have to use broadband or a Business connection of a least 1mb. I think this because they have to run heavy tasks over the Internet of Download large files from the Internet in a short time. They also may have to be using the Internet while they speak on the phone to a customer directing them to a website, you don’t want to be waiting 3 minutes for the website to load.

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Also downloads other pieces of software or maybe other files would take little or no time at all with a high 1mb connection. Also if the company was to have a internet collapse this would mean, Customers can’t visite their website and purchase their products, they can’t order new hardware to improve there current systems. The list of problems that could occur is very long. (This Information was supplied by Varndean) on their website www. varndean. net) Main Operations, Sales, Finance PCs x 2 Pentium 4 3. 06 GHz Processor 1 Gb Ram 80 Gb Hard Disk Video Card, Sound Card

Network Card Operating System Windows XP Professional Peripherals 17″ Flat Screen Monitor Tablet PCs x 3 Pentium 3 1. 3 Ghz Processor 256Mb Ram 80 Gb Hard Disk Wireless Network Card Operating System Windows XP Professional Network Server 1 Duel Xeon 2. 8Ghz Processors 1Gb RAM RAID 5 Disk Array 3 x 36Gb SCSI Disks Network Card Operating System Windows 2003 Server Server 2 Duel Xeon 2. 6Mhz Processors 1Gb RAM RAID 5 Disk Array 3 x 36Gb SCSI Disks Operating System Windows 2003 Server Other Equipment Digital Video Camera (Via Firewire Card) Digital Stills Camera (Via USB 2.

0 Card) CD Copier (Copies 50 CDs – connected to network) Hardware Firewall (For Internet connection) Router (For Internet Connection) Software Used In Company: Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia Author ware Microsoft Active Server Pages SAGE Instant accounts SAGE payroll Microsoft Word Microsoft Access Without These VITAL pieces of Software Varndean wouldn’t be as big and as efficient as it is now. The Software In the interview with John he mentions many different types of Software that his companies uses. These are: * Microsoft Word, a word processing unit.

This is used a lot in companies it is used to write letters etc. (This work was written on Microsoft Word) * Macromedia Dreamweaver a web Authoring tool. Allows you to create and website. * Microsoft Access, this contains the name and addresses of all the schools. * Adobe Photo Shop, They use this software to create flyers or leaflets to hand out at seminars or at open days etc. Software would be used every day in Varndean to create all the documents needed or to keep up to date with all the latest buyers and sellers. This is a lot more reliable source than pen and paper.

So it can be backed up and double backed up and printed to be stored in filing cabinets. Some software Varndean could not do without such as DreamWeaver this is used to make their programs and websites, with out these there products wouldn’t be able to be sold or advertised on the Internet. So you can see how important software is to large companies. Just as much as the hardware that makes the computers works. Varndean uses their software if a variety of different areas, these can range from a conference hall to an office in a company building. Differ ent types of hardware are used to run the software.

These also range from such things like a hand held PC to a PC. Hardware The varndean server uses a Duel Xeon system. Running at 2. 8Ghz. The Xeon processor is normally best used in a Duel Xeon system. According to intel. com there is a possibility that as this Xeon processor is 2. 8Ghz, that it probably has 512k cache. But there is a chance it can have up to 1mb. The two operating pcs, both use a Pentium 4 processor. These work at a total of 3. 06Ghz. The use 1mb of RAM, and power the whole LAN. Both of the master computers use Sound and Video cards, they are also linked up to LAN with 50 cd copiers.

This means they can make up to 50 CDS at one time, Very useful when you are creating software for PC’s. On the master stations and on the LAN computers, they use 17″ Flat screen monitors, these are easier on the eyes, this is very practical seeming as the job of someone that works at Varndean is to stare at a monitor for 12 hours. All of these computers can be found in a office of a huge Varndean building, no doubt with out the Use of ICT Varndean wouldn’t exist, they need ICT too so much extent that if there computer system was to broken or destroyed then Varndean would be useless until the computers are back up and running.

Also with the aid of ICT they can communicate weather it be a Phone and a broadband connection or weather it be an email sent from out look express. School Office ICT Cliff Park High School Office I have sent a questionnaire around the cliff park school office so I can get a good idea on how or if they use ICT in the office and how and new merit system will help or hinder. Results of the questionnaire can be found at the end of this document. At the current time the school office uses a very basic hand documented merit system.

With the data base on Microsoft access I am making I hope to make the office’s job of dealing with the merit system a lot easier. With my new merit system the school will be able to keep an accurate count of all the pupils info. The school at the current time, as I said, uses a very basic ICT system. Using Microsoft Word for Written documents and excel for simple spreadsheets, e. g. Forms of all students. Hopefully with the aid of my new system the school office can get around to understand how Microsoft access works, and can make other more detailed data bases, for example student attendance.

Here is a list of the software: Software Use How it helps… Microsoft Word Type up written documents. Things like mail merging letters can help and other documents can be permanently saved. Microsoft Excel Easy simple spread sheets can be made. Simple spreadsheets can be used, like forms of all students. Microsoft Publisher To create quick detailed flyers, posters, leaflets. The school can give out Leaflets or posters to pupils or to be posted around the school. Pheonix Used to record all of the students previous records.

Attendance, detentions, etc. Every single piece of information that a pupil can have is stored on here and can be kept. The school office uses a vast variety of hardware and would be pointless to state all the hardware used. So I have constructed a table with the most important pieces of hardware the office uses. Hardware Uses How it helps… Monitor 17″ TFT To view the information Large and clear enough to view the information. Keyboard Logitech Ps/2 Standard To piece of equip that you type onto.

Quick and easy to use, typists can type a letter very quickly. Printer HL-5130 Prints out the documents that have been made on the PC, this now can be kept on paper. Hundreds of copies can be printed out and distributed. Base Unit The piece of equipment that makes the whole PC work. The Mother Board and other hardware devices are kept inside. With out it the PC would not work. The Results of the questionnaire I sent around is easy to understand, the school office understands how ICT is used and the office workers can use it easily.

Some exceptions are that some members of the staff are unsure on how to use some pieces of software but after time they could learn more about it. They think mostly that the hardware and software is easy to use. As the school office is very resourceful the workers in the office have purchased only the software and hardware that is needed for their daily tasks, this means that they are not having a debate on which piece of software to use depending on looks or which bit of hardware looks the best. They are using the easiest software for them too use.

For example Microsoft word is a very simple and easy to use that any one could use. My next table will show in-depth information on each of the schools hardware. Hardware In-Depth Information Monitor Output Peripheral 17″ TFT Flat Screen 1280X1024 Maximum Resolution Plug and Play 175mm Height 454mm Depth 6kg Weight These all add up to give a very easy on the eyes professional look. Keyboard Input Peripheral Logitech Cordless Usb or PS2 Connectivity A basic simple keyboard that does not have any unneeded Function buttons EG.

Volume Control. Printer HL 5130 Output Peripheral Quick and easy to install, the HL-5130 printer has state-of-the-art interactive animations to help you get the most from this machine. And that ‘most’ includes an impressive 8MB of memory, up to 17ppm print speed and a 250 sheet paper capacity An appropriate printer for a school office, has many features including Duplex, where the computer prints of both sides of the paper. Base Unit Processor Intel Celeron 2. 7 GHz Processor 512 Mb RAM 80Gb Hard drive 64Mb Geforce FX5200 graphics

512MB DDR Ram will give fast loading time and with a 2. 7GHz processor the pc will be at a very comfortable speed for office work. And the 80Gb of hard drive allows the office to save lots of large files. Workers and Their Jobs in the Office Mrs Glover: Accountant, Finance officer Mrs Trudgill: Secretary, heads Pa. Mrs Payne (Until 11:30) Attendance, Absence ring round Mrs Rowland: Assisting curriculum team leaders and senior staff Mrs Shuman Attendance, school dinner money, school finance, general finance Mrs Hamen: Telephone, reception Summary

In short Cliff park high school uses a very easy to use school system. They use some software that people use at home and they use some software which is specific for the jobs they need doing for example, Phoenix, this keeps track of all the children’s attendances. The hardware the school use is very simple, they have not got hardware that is not needed for example 1024 DDR Ram or a 168meg graphics card. As these types of hardware are unpractical for their jobs. The Input hardware such as mice and keyboard are all simple to use and can provide a good enough service.