Vchips Persuasive Essay

Is it right for V-chips to be activated in a television set? A V-chip is a special computer chip piece places into a television set that allows parents to block certain programs from being shown. In a home, a little boy the age of fourteen, named Train loved to watch television. Since his parents reach late for work, Train gets the opportunity to watch anything he likes. He loves to catch violent movies. Years after, Train becomes too hard to handle. He takes drugs, involved in gangs, and he constantly stole from his parents.Later on, is parents figure out that Triad’s nasty, vitiate and disgraceful ways are form watching too much horrible TV shows. Now it’s too late! If they had a V-chip all of this wouldn’t have happened.

V-chips have a huge role in today’s technological world. They can keep the child’s innocence, prevent the child from being a violent person and also helps the parents have better control over their children. V-chips are a great way to help kids only watch TV shows that they are permitted to see. A child is very innocent, so it is the duty of the elders to keep it.Since violence is a very common issue in every part of the world, it is most likely for children to practice it as well.

The most common way of a child learning negative ways are from the television. If a V-chip is installed to most of the television in every home, the violence rate might drop dreadfully. V-chip can save one out of three children from being the next person the police are looking for. The V-chip is a way to help the child but the rest of the work comes from them to put that motivation to change, and the parents to want that child to change.

The V-chip can defiantly keep a child’s innocence via television. Now the crime rates are increasing dreadfully, it might not be too late to change. Like in Belize every day almost two or more lives are taken away in a harsh and crewel manner.

People might think that Belize or any other third world county might be “old school” for that kind of technology. The V-chip is not that very advanced for a third world country. The finance might be a hard thing to get for it but it can help in decreasing the violence rate. V- Chip is a great way to stop the violence.It is another way to stop the violence. Parents now a day have a very hard time controlling their children. The first thing the children don’t give the parent the proper control over them, because the things they learn in the television they might think that its cool to follow foolishness.

Good children are like finding a needle in haystack. The worst the television shows are, the worst the children become. Most of the children have control over their parents than otherwise. It is because some parents do not follow, “He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves IM disciplines promptly.

Proverbs 13:24. V-chips can help this problem also. It can bring that togetherness in a family. Instead of wondering why your child is acting a certain way that disgust you, go and see what that child is currently watching in the television, then V-chips will come to play. VI-chips can help in many other ways that can help a suffering child. As Train suffer his consequences because of watching violent movies. To prevent the thousands of children who watch secular movies, activate a V-chip and that problem will be blocked. The choice is in one chip.