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Memphis Chimney Service
(MCS) understands that the safety of your family includes protecting them from
all potential dangers and illnesses caused by an improperly or malfunctioning
fireplace and chimney. We are here to help!

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MCS provides the most
important chimney services for your home including chimney inspections,
cleaning, and repairs. Enjoying a beautiful, warm fireplace must be worry-free
and MCS makes caring for your valuable home feature easy.


MCS provides three vital
chimney services for Memphis area homeowners:


Detailed Chimney
Inspections: By adhering to the NFPA Code 211 we inspect your chimney using the
3 Levels of Inspection System. After the inspection you will receive a detailed
analysis and report on the structural integrity of your chimney, as well as the
cleaning and maintenance it may require to meet code and make it safe for you
and your family.


Chimney Cleaning: Cleaning
your chimney on an annual basis is a great move to keep your fireplace and
chimney working great and keeping your family and home safe.


Chimney Repairs: Deadly
gases can enter your home through the smallest cracks. Many times, the problems
caused by a deteriorating wood, gas or oil furnace flue can be corrected
without totally rebuilding your chimney. With our continued maintenance,
cleaning, inspections, and repairs, your home and your loved ones can be


Not all ‘furnaces’ have a
fireplace! Even if you don’t have a wood or gas fireplace, your home still has
a chimney if it uses a natural gas or oil furnace. These flues vent the
dangerous, poisonous gases out of your home and they must be inspected and
maintained to ensure they are working properly. Without proper maintenance,
these can lead to a very dangerous, lethal situation resulting in health
problems and even death.


Many chimneys venting gas or
oil furnaces seem to be just fine from the outside. But inside your home, where
it’s really important, it can be an entirely different story. Old chimney flues
were not designed for today’s high-efficiency furnaces. MCS is your solution
for inspecting, updating, replacing, and maintaining these types of furnace