Victims of Cyber-Bullying Essay

Bullying is harassing, humiliating, intimidating, threatening or embarrassing another person, when it is done electronically it is called cyber-bullying. Latest advances in technology have made cyber-bullying a routine occurrence. Another fact worth knowing is that cyber- bullying is not a one-time occurrence, and there are many chances of victims becoming bullies. The three main causes for cyber-bullying are ignorance, a need to assert power, or revenge. Severe or chronic cyber-bullying can leave victims at greater risk for stress-related disorders.

In some rare, but highly publicized cases, some kids have turned to suicide. Therefore cyber-bullying increases the suicidal rate. Cyber-bullying by teens and younger kids takes place out of ignorance. They simply don’t have any idea regarding the power words can have. Sometimes to keep boredom at bay teens and younger kids initially harass, humiliate or intimidate someone to create some excitement. Parents should make their children aware of the possible consequences of their actions on the lives of other people.

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Also, they should be aware that what seems harmless to them can actually ruin the life of others. It is but natural that some people want control. So sometimes when things are not falling in place for them, just to satisfy their ego they use cyber-bullying tactics to feel powerful. The fact that there’s no one watching one bullying someone in cyber universe encourages these people to say things online or in a text that they would not normally say in person. So, the feeling of being Mr. Invisible” and anonymity are to certain extent a cause behind people being bullied on internet or other electronic means without fear of any immediate consequences. Another feeling native, to human nature is revenge. So when children are made to feel like a “nerd” or social outcast they make up their mind to get back at others for making them feel miserable out of revenge. Jealousy is another hidden meaning for some cases. Especially, when they are made to feel social outcasts, some children feel jealous of every other child around them.

People are unpredictable, because someone who is a best friend today may be detested the next, therefore leading to a malicious cycle of cyber bullying. In conclusion, cyber-bullying is a growing problem especially for teens that rely heavily on modern methods of communication. It can be very damaging to teens and can take on many forms. It will continue to be a real threat for many lives. Whether it is caused as a result of ignorance, asserting power, or revenge, the end result is always a disaster. Human nature is leading the increase of the bullies’ circle in the world rapidly.


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