Victims of Violent Crimes Essay

There are many choices in one’s life that deem him incorrigible to society. These choices made can either build character or demean and debase ones existential and platonic being. The choices made however go hand in hand with the reprecautions and consequences in which they must reluctantly succumb to. In Cold Blood esoterically explains with ones choices comes parallel consequences. Consequences that can be unforgiving as well as sinister.

In the nonfiction novel Dick and Perry are the murderous duo who knowing the consequences make the choice to murder a well to do upstanding family.Dick and Perry are not at all schizophrenic and know right from wrong. They know well the choice they made was very dastardly and so they flee to avoid the consequence bound to their selection. Many can provide a terse paradigm of how both Dick and Perry went through problematic childhoods that directed them in such an unacceptable lifestyle. But does this really give them the right to act in such a way? To wallow through life with a character of impunity?Choice is the mental process that is involved with judgment.

It combines the components of thinking, understanding, and ultimately decision. Some choices can deem one sordid and unethical. It is our choices in life that build and strengthen character.

There is no salvo for the contents instilled in ones character by choices. Dick and Perry both murdered the family of the Clutters and because of this choice were forced to deal with the consequences and thus were put under duress by the intangibles of their actions.Consequences are reprecautions to actions that are perceived sinister, officious, or even condescending. One may try to elude their sentencing for as long as possible but to no avail, because the true macrocosm or world around us thrives on the belief that the justice system works. Dick and Perry’s consequence of action was do to their thoughtless impunity towards the law.

Although not thoughtless, the physical and emotional effects of their behavior caused them to react as if they were above the law.Choice and consequences are convulated in the same discourse. For with good choices come rewards, with bad choices come the unforgiving strong arm of consequence. Dick and Perry knew that what they did was wrong and that they had to pay the price for such an inexcusable act. At the end of the novel Dick is not against the death penalty and does not feel sorry for himself for he knows the natural impuse of revenge his consequence brought.