Video Gamers Are Fanatics Not Addicts Essay

Video gamers are fanatics not addicts We’ve always wondered how games impact children or why kids love to play them.. Video games became childhood leisure activity, and adults responded with concern about the possible bad effects of the games on children. The increasingly realistic and exciting nature of electronic games has helped to make them enormously popular with children, youth and even adults.

Almost 80% of American children now play computer or video games on their computers or mobile phones. Children between the ages of 7 and 17 play average eight hours a week. Most of the games that can be found on the market are appropriate for these young players, and the best of them can bring a lot of benefits. For example; language building games, math games, games about human body, world, history etc. Besides being fun, some of the games provide practice in problem solving and logic as well.

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The number of games that include violence, and antisocial behavior has raised concern among parents, educators, child advocates, medical professionals, and policy makers. The intense concern about video and computer games is based on the belief that the ultra violent games are inappropriate for all children and harmful to some. There were studies made about measuring aggressive behaviour after playing violent video games and they have shown that violent games increase aggression.

I don’t think that every person that play video games is an addict. Addicts are the ones, that stay up late all night, play those games, and before they realize, it’s already been 8 hours since they started to play. Some of them are really just fanatics. They love to play video games but they know where is the line between an addiction and being a fan. The biggest problem is that in most cases, the ones that are really addicted to video games, don’t realize it.