Video production Essay

This diagram illustrates a comparison between the proportion of spending on Artists and repertory industry and investment in research and development of other industries. (4 slide) This table is a classic example of expenses required for the development of a superstar’s album. Indeed we can see that spending levels are higher for a worldwide superstar. 5 Slide) The music industry invests in music by following these modalities: 1 Advance payment to the artist: The amount of advance payment may be retrieved by artist’s future sales, but if the artist doesn’t reach a certain a certain level of ales the record company assume the risk of the investment, suffering money loss. Financing registration costs: the amount of registration costs transform according on the kind of artist and type of producer engaged to work on an certain album 3 : The production costs of a video clip differ a lot from case to case 4 Support for tour: the entity of the financial commitment required to support concerts, depend greatly on the nature of the artist.

Marketing and promotion: thanks to marketing, the artist develop an image and identity which allows him to earn money by many other resources, such as concert and merchandising. The royalty. The amount of the royalty is usually calculated as a percentage of the sales price product, or on revenue flow generated by the licenses or when you download music from tunes or other platforms. (slides 6) now we are gong to easer the following question: How would you produce a sales and marketing budget for Dido’s forthcoming single and album? Slides 7) To produce a sales and marketing budget, we should consider the following steps, essential for Dido’s forthcoming single and Album. The cost of hiring there musicians can vary , on the basis of their contribute, or simply on how much their time is worth (VT slide) A producer traditionally oversees the creative direction of a project, while an engineer’s role is to control the entire recording environment.

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Finding a producer that can also act as the engineer might help Dido to save some money. Both producers and engineers may charge you one of three rates. ( VT slide) The space in which you record could be for Dido one of the most important factors to make her album single. Rates are based on different blocks of time:(vied slide) (Slides 8) very professionally released album includes a Photostat.By updating photos on Dido’s website, press materials, and social networking sites, you’re sending the message that something is going on, like a new release advertising and PR / Marketing services can really help take you to the next level If you’re going invest in these kinds of services, make sure you have something going on, like a tour, that could really benefit from a solid marketing campaign. Radio promoters will send your music to stations and most important They may also set up radio interviews for Dido’s new songs.

Marketing teams can help coordinate all promotions efforts and maximize Dido’s exposure across different markets (slides 9) Prices will vary based on the complexity and customization of your website. If you plan on selling your music anywhere other than your shows and website, you’ll need distribution.