Violence in the poem “Beowulf” Essay

Throughout clip civilisations have used force as a agency of making.

set uping. and keeping their universe. and it was looked at as something that was necessary and of import to their manner of life. The function of force in the universe of “Beowulf” . King of the Geats reflects this because we can easy see how of import it is for Beowulf to utilize force in his pursuit for regard and success. This is seen in the manner that Beowulf additions his power by contending the monster Grendel and his female parent.

The manner to carry through something of importance in the eyes of the work forces of these civilisations was to turn out your worth through your conflicts and your combat. The function of force in Beowulf’s universe is in some ways controlled and limited to the work forces of the Germanic folks. who used force as a agency to gain their topographic point in society and protect their people from menaces. The heroic poem Old English verse form “Beowulf” hence becomes a vehicle by which the author can propose the function of force in Beowulf’s universe as being of import to understanding the narrative itself.The narrative of Beowulf has becomes about a fable and was probably written as such. It follows the feats of Beowulf of the Geats.

who hears of the jobs that Hrothgar. the King of Denmark. is holding with two monsters terrorising his Mead hall and the countryside. Beowulf goes at that place to murder Grendel and does so. killing the monster Grendel’s female parent every bit good. By making so. Beowulf additions the regard and fear of Hrothgar and is given many wagess for his success. Beowulf so returns to Geatland and becomes King of the Geats after the decease of the current male monarch.

largely because of the fame of his achievements.Fifty old ages subsequently. Beowulf dies in the procedure of killing a unsafe firedrake. and he is buried with a great hoarded wealth that he gained through his old ages of combat and winning conflicts. The full verse form uses force as a vehicle by which work forces can derive prestigiousness and better their state of affairs in life by deriving new regard and hence entree to a better life. The most obvious function of force within the verse form is as a agency of set uping a warrior’s power and gaining regard for his achievements in conflict.

Violence is so of import to the people of Denmark in this narrative that King Hrothgar’s jubilations revolve around the success and achievements of his warriors. When the verse form begins. Hrothgar has built a great Mead hall where his warriors are able gather. drink and receive gifts from him for their success in conflict. The poem provinces. “He did non lie when he boasted ; rings he dealt out.

wealths at his feast” ( Slade ) . This illustration shows that the function of force was so of import in Beowulf’s clip that it was rewarded by the King himself with gifts and awards.As the narrative progresses the relationship between force and accomplishment becomes even more tightly connected. with Beowulf deriving the place of King of the Geats after he returns to Geatland. holding gained a great trade of fame for his function in the violent deaths of the monsters Grendle and his female parent.

If it were non for his ability to derive this type of regard through the usage of force. Beowulf might ne’er hold become a King. non through blood. but through achievement.Beowulf is known as an strong warrior because “during his calling.

he refrains from engaging gratuitous war or betraying families and companions. and counters avarice every bit best he can by giving hoarded wealth away” ( Middle Ages ) . The usage of force in this case shows that it was used to keep the endurance of the civilisation. non merely because there needed to be warriors to protect the society. but because it determined who was strong plenty and powerful plenty to be a leader.

In the conflicts between Grendel and his female parent we see how force becomes of import as a agency of protecting one’s people and society.Grendel is known to bring mayhem and convey fright to the people of Denmark. particularly those that make usage of the great Mead hall. Heorot. The sound of “jubilant noise” coming from the hall cholers Grendel. who comes out looking to kill ( Slade ) . Beowulf battles Grendel.

unarmed. directing Grendel running off but Beowulf is able to break up his arm off. therefore killing him. The arm is displayed within the hall as cogent evidence of his success and escapades. Beowulf proves his courage through force. the writer authorship. “Beowulf arrayed himself in armour.

non at all worrying about his life” ( Breeden ) .Subsequently. Beowulf kills Grendel’s female parent who comes to revenge the decease of her boy. This portion of the narrative brings to illume the function force dramas in the protection of one’s people because Beowulf had to kill the monsters as a agency of protecting the people of Denmark.

but it besides brings to illume the function force dramas in retaliation. Grendel’s female parent uses force as a agency to revenge the decease of her boy. and Beowulf has to utilize force as a agency of supporting himself and the people ( Middle Ages ) .Violence in this civilisation is controlled by the state of affairs. which dictates the proper manner of supporting oneself and the proper topographic point for force. but in a manner it is about indiscriminately used in state of affairss as a agency of building the society itself.

Violence besides provides a agency by which the society organizes itself. The thanes and warriors of Denmark and Geatland have established a topographic point for themselves within the society through the usage of force. and the manner the universe of these people are organized is a direct consequence of force.“So win who may glory ere decease! When his yearss are told. that is the warrior’s worthiest doom” ( Slade ) . In the concluding struggle of the verse form. Beowulf has established himself as a great male monarch for over 50 old ages.

governing his people with self-respect and utilizing force as a agency of protecting his people merely when he needs to. but when a firedrake wreaks mayhem on his people he has to assist by killing it. By killing the firedrake.

Beowulf once more proves his worth and his topographic point in society as a male monarch. but in the terminal the firedrake exacts his retaliation by killing Beowulf as the firedrake is deceasing.Beowulf is so burned at sea and buried with a big hoarded wealth to demo the regard and award that was given to him for his service as their male monarch. After populating a life of that was shaped by force and war. Beowulf was given the award of a funeral for person of power and self-respect. Violence shaped the society of the Geats and the life of Beowulf. The verse form “Beowulf” is a testament to the period of clip and the civilisation that it depicts.

The function of force within this society shapes every facet of it. from the manner that people view each other. to the manner someone’s leading is established. to the manner the society protects itself. Beowulf uses force as a manner of set uping himself as a leader. and finally as a male monarch. and the effectual usage of force is used as a manner to honor those who protect the male monarch and the people. Violence is non indiscriminately applied to society.

but alternatively it is the manner in which the people of the Geats and the Danes pull off their society.Throughout this poem the author brings to illume these facets of the civilization of the Geats and the Danes. and force is inexplicably intertwined with the civilization of these people in many different manner.

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