Violence on Television: What Do Children Learn? What Can Parents Do Essay

Too much time, too little responsibility According to Aletha Huston, Ph. D. , currently at the University of Kansas she believes that “children who watch the violent shows, even ‘just funny’ cartoons, were more likely to hit out at their playmates, argue, disobey class rules, leave tasks unfinished, and were less willing to wait for things than those who watched the nonviolent programs” (162). While reading this article, it clearly states that children shouldn’t be watching violent shows at such a young age.

“Just by limiting the number of hours children watch television will probably reduce the amount of aggression they see” (163).If parents did just that children would become less violent and more likely to be less aggressive as well. Parents need to be limiting what their children are watching. Kids today are having too much free time watching TV and the parents are having too little responsibility. The APA clearly states that children should not be watching TV due to the massive amount of violence shown on TV today. Research has shown that “children may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others; may be more fearful of the world around them; and may be more likely to behave in aggressive or harmful ways towards others” (161).

It articulates in the APA that children who apparently watch a lot of TV are less prone to violent acts and are less sensitive to viewing them. Also something researchers notice was chidden who were in elementary school and watched violent shows tend to have a higher level of aggressive behavior when they became teenagers. What scientists are recommending now is that parents should actually sit down with their child and at least watch one episode of the show that their children is watching so, they are aware of what their children are watching and they will be able to talk about it with them.As someone else who is viewing someone else’s parenting who believes that spending more time with your family might disagree with someone who comes home late and resorts to the TV to keep their child entertained and out of trouble. Parents should be spending more time trying to influence their kids to spend time with their friends playing sports or doing hobbies. This can really help a lot of children stay out of trouble when they have more important things to take care of like school work.

R.Scott Kretchmar, a professor of exercise and sports science at Pennsylvania State University tells The Oregonian that “enhanced blood flow throughout the body caused by regular physical activity can improve a child’s mental sharpness and acuity”. According to Kretchmar, a person who “moves well is also likely to perform well in school. Sports can also improve a child’s mind and body connection since she will need to train her mind to help her body react quickly and accurately on the sports field.

” Another solid reason why children should start getting active.Sports isn’t the only way a child can entertain them selves. There are many education shows on TV that are suitable for children. The history and discovery channel are two very education shows that children can absorb a lot of information from Researches also have noticed that children who watch shows that demonstrate the act of helping, caring and cooperation can actually influence children to become more kind and considerate to others. There is a website called Commonsensemedia. com that actually helps adults with what their children should be watching.It breaks it down by age and lists a decent amount of shows that are perfect for their age and are education.

After all children should be spending more time watching educational television shows and also spending time outside playing games. Movie critic Tim Goodman would disagree with what the APA has to say about this. Goodman says in an article “As a view, your reaction to art can be anything you want it to be, but restricting it instead of looking away is not the right course” (169). Restricting shows is helping children a lot today.