Virginia Henderson Essay

The person I chose whose theory best fits me is Virginia Henderson.

She believed that health is basic to human functioning, and an individual’s ability to function independently depends on health. She categorized nursing into 14 different components which are as listed: breath normally eliminate body waste maintain desirable posture sleep and rest select suitable clothes maintain body temperature keep the body clean and groomed avoid dangers in the environment communicate with others orship according to one’s faith work in a way of accomplishment participate in various forms of recreation eat and drink adequately learn, discover, or satisfy the curiosity that leads to normal development and health and use available health facilities Virginia Henderson also had 4 major concepts of nursing which are as listed: Individual: have basic needs that are components of health requiring assistance to achieve health and independence mind and body are inseparable and interrelated onsiders the biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual components the theory presents the patient as a sum of parts with bio psychosocial needs Environment: setting in witch an individual learns unique patters for living an external condition and influence that affect a life and development individuals in relation to families minimally discussed the impact of the community on the individual and family basic nursing care involves providing conditions under which the patient can preform the 14 activities unaided Health: definition based on individuals ability to function independently as utlined and the 14 components nurses need to stress promotion of health and prevention and cure of diseases good health is a challenge-affected by age, cultural background, physical, and intellectual capacities, and emotional balance is the individuals ability to meet these needs independentlyNursing temporally assisting an individual who lacks the necessary strength, will and knowledge to satisfy 1 or more of the 14 basic needs assist and support the individuals in life activities and attainment of independence nurses serve to make the patient “ complete”, “ whole”, or “ independent. the nurse is expected to carry out physicians therapeutic plan. Individualized care is the result of the nurses creativity in planning for care “ Nurses should have knowledge to practice individualized and human care and should be a scientific problem solver. ” In the Nature of Nursing, the nurses role is, “ to get inside the patients skin and supplement his/her will or knowledge according to their needs.

” I think that Virginia and I share many ideas for nursing. After reading about most all of the theorist I came to the conclusion that I will remember Virginia’s theories more than any of them. Virginia