Virtue is never left to stand alone Essay

Virtue is never left to stand alone. You showed me the way!Please accept my thanks for the special favors you have done to me as student of the Bachelors degree course in mass communication, 09. Batch.

I am very happy to inform you that I have been appointed junior editor for the New York Society Magazine, with effect from 1 June 09.Although the interview was elaborate and the competition tough, I was short listed for the said post only because of the strong recommendation letter you had furnished with my resume. To my great surprise I was given a post superseding my qualifications.Had it not been for your high appraisal, I would possibly not have bagged the job.I really appreciate the constant motivation you boosted me with when I was in low morale during the last semester of the course.

  Because of your personal guidance and interest I could finally fulfil my academic responsibilities in the course.  Had it not been for you Dr. Eric, I would still be pondering over my thesis assignments and the final submissions of the course; not to mention the desperate hunt for classifieds there after.                                                                                                                          Thanks letter.However:v  Do you suggest I try for the post of a news reporter in the New York Times also?v  What are my career prospects in both?v  In case I approach the news agencies would you be able to spare some time to give me another recommendation letter Dr.

Eric?I look forward to your guidance once again. May I expect a response in the next one week?Since the job scenario is dismal for fresh graduates, it is only the weight of your recommendation letter that promises to herald a prospective career future for me.I shall always be thankful for the significant role you have played in my student life.With warm regards,yours sincerely,Wilma R. Roark.