Viscosities: Surface Tension and Liquid Viscosity Essay

My report is dealing with liquid viscosity and how they are used to help us measure liquids and gives us the accurate temperature that we have today. I first want to talk about viscosity and the role it plays in all of our lives. Viscosity is a liquid that does not have the ability to know the flow and what it is measuring like NS m-2. Then there is viscometers and there roll is to measure liquid viscosity which we still use today for plenty of things such as, chemical engineering, chemical processing and petroleum refining industries.

Now let’s talk about surface tension. Surface tension plays a special roll in the viscosity properties it is the only one that has the energy to stretch a unite and thus able to change the surface area. And the surface tension units are N* mm-2=N/m. The surface tension is common of some liquids that are listed below. Common liquidViscosity /cPSurface tension /N m-1 Diethyl ether0. 2330. 0728 Chloroform0.

58 0. 0271 Benzene 0. 652 0.

0289 Carbon tetrachloride0. 690. 0270 Water1. 002 0. 0728 Ethanol1. 200 0. 0228 Mercury1. 554 0.

436 Olive oil84 – Castor oil986 – Glycerol1490 0. 0634 Glassesvery large – As the graph shows that there’s no direct correlation between both the viscosities and the surface tension. Both of these properties are independent to each other. Also the surface tension is due to all the unbalanced force that the surface tension has experienced by the molecules on the surface area of the liquid in area.Because of these surface tension drops of liquid tends to form a small sphere because the sphere offers the smallest area for a small definite volume.

While a substance with a low surface tension that usually has a habit to form into films. Also from the stuff that I have read on liquid viscosity that when you add detergent to the water it lowers the water and the surface tension, even blowing bubbles can