Vision of the Perfect Utopia Essay

There are many different definitions to describe a true perfect Utopia. The reason that there are so many people with many different ideas about the perfect world is because the act of making something perfect in a person vision of utopia is created to suit what that creator deems to be perfect. Perception is the key to understanding what makes a Utopia perfect and what makes it flawed. My view of a Utopia requires several different managements and trade-offs of what is believed to be best for the community.This Utopia cannot be strong unless it has a powerful backing of several democratic leaders, many sound and agreeable rules, understanding of peace, lack of war, and desire to work in harmony within the natural environment of the world and the entire community in which it resides. The first issue of describing any fictional place is deciding where it will exist in the grand scheme of the world. I cannot imagine my utopia being able to work to well among a lot of already developed nations, the most preferred placement of my utopia is on a fairly large and decently secluded island somewhere amongst the ocean.

The perfect design for this location would include a fresh water lake in the center of the large island alongside a fairly large mountain, and many trees along these areas. This would allow for all the general resources needed to sustain at least a fairly small growing community. The isolation of the island is rather important because it would be hard to maintain a group of people when outsiders are constantly interacting with them and introducing new ideas that could sway and test the Utopia before it begins.However, I would like the community to eventually be able to establish connections to other groups but only after this Utopia has balanced all, if any, problems that arise through the management of the island. The next step is to decide who leads the community within the island to be the driving force of the laws and rules of the island. These leaders will also be responsible for settling disputes between common problems and then larger problems would require each leader among the Utopia. There would be about five leaders that are specially selected for their skills through the community voting on each position.The first of these leaders would be the educated leader; the people selected for this position would have to have a good understanding of technology, teaching, and the fauna and flora of the island.

The second of these leaders would be the management leader; the people selected for this position would be very charismatic and quick thinking people, having the ability to direct orders and manage responsibilities. The third of these leaders would be public affairs; the people selected for this position have to be able to make decisions and remain unbiased in all situations, also be good at listening to citizens’ desires and needs.The fourth of these leaders would be security; the people selected for this position would be selected for their ability to understand protection and security needs of the island. The final leader would be the Entertainment Leader; this person would be selected for their understanding of the people on the island and their ability to set up events and manage parties. These five leaders would basically handle their specific areas mostly by themselves, however any leader can call attention to another leader if a problem extends into another leaders area.If the problem was big enough then all five of the leaders should get involved and help each other to create the best possible tactic.

These leaders would be voted on every two years and can be re-elected as many times as the people want. The educated leader would have several duties ranging from monitoring basic education on the island to studying the fauna and flora that exists amongst the island, he will decide what can be foraged and hunted alongside with the management leader.This is important because the management needs to supply the people who are best suited for each of the educated leader’s special job. The management leader is responsible for managing the resources and the working Utopians and for that reason is very tied in with the educated leader because they must work with each other to ensure that they don’t end up depleting resources that the entire utopia depends on, it would also be important for the management leader to understand the boundaries that must be kept to protect the environment from the Utopian Citizens and vice versa.The management leader also works with the security leader when they need to address safety issues about gathering resources, constructing buildings, and general safety of the island’s environment and protect the community from times where the environment might be hazardous to the Utopian citizens. Furthermore, Security has to deal with minor issues that may happen on a small scale of property should it ever arise, even though it is unlikely seeing as the community is sharing property.Security will also basically deal with any greed or hostilities should it arise. If something ends up becoming bigger than a simple feud over property or even a jealous issue over love which forces the hand of the public affairs leader to hold a judicial court and then make a decision to decide how to settle the dispute.

The Judicial court system is something that should rarely be called upon because in most situations should have an easy and diplomatic solution between the two parties with or without the aid of personnel in the security departments.However, obviously there will be some event that would eventually call upon a higher definitive ruling simply to put a rest to the issue. Both parties are expected to accept the judgment the court decides upon.

The court that decides the ruling will be comprised of the five leaders and five other people selected at random from the community. This would mean that there will be ten people making the rulings, if the trial is not unanimously decided upon it will be repeated two more times.The third time will be ruled on the popular vote to prevent one person from keeping the trial going on and wasting time. The fifth and final leader has the important job of keeping the Utopian people as happy as possible and he can do this through hosting competitive sporting events, festivals, parties and most importantly constructing a creative, musical, and friendly environment for all.As a bonus to his position he is also responsible for the beautification of the areas around the community and as a result he works with all of leaders rather frequently to make all of the community’s environments as friendly as he is able. This is an important job because happiness and mood effects a Utopia more than people might realize, this is because if everyone is happy and not in a bad mood they will be much less likely to disobey the collected rules of the community and be more supportive of their fellow man and woman.

The education system in my perfect Utopia would be offered to everyone in the community, there would be no restrictions due to gender, race, personal religions, or any other defining features. The way education will work in my Utopia is that people will pick at an early age what they want to learn and where they want to focus rather then gaining general knowledge everywhere. Even though people re pushed to learn there more favored specialization, they are also encouraged to study cross-skills to their specific expertise. This allows people to learn the trade skills that they are most interested in and be prepared for what they want to do rather then be forced to do studies in something they may not be interested in doing at all.

Someone who is studying in medicine might also be encouraged to study other things such as plants and animals, or even be encouraged to study stitching and knitting.This means that by the time someone is about the age of eighteen or possibly even younger they could have the skills and capabilities to follow through with their specific choice of life style and their job selection. People are encouraged to strive towards unfilled job opportunities, however families also will usually try to persuade or guide their children down their particular avenue of a career because it is much easier to be the mentor of their child and teach them when they are always able to be around them learning the family’s trade.

It doesn’t matter if a male child is learning the mother’s trade of cooking, or the female child is learning the father’s trade of construction because everyone is expected to be supportive and encourage allowing the child the choice of work they would like to do when they grow up. It can sometimes be a little hard for some family members to accept their child not wanting to follow in their parents footsteps, but the community and the person they choose to be their ‘educator’ or ‘mentor’ also would try to help ease the parents of the child into understanding that it is not offensive because the community itself is a family in a whole.Since everyone is expected to become an educator of an apprentice at some point in their life time, they will be expected to get permission from the educated leader so that they can take on an apprentice. Provided that there are no arguments within the community and that the parents as well as the one being educated are both embracing of the idea of that particular person being their teacher there will seldom be any issues against it. There is no such thing as money in my Utopia, the community is expected to work together and share everything as a group.

With that idea, if someone suffers at collecting a harvest of food and they are a farmer or forager they will not starve because the others that farm, fish, or hunt will all help the family survive their struggle. Everyone that is within the community is expected to assist one another without any expectation of a reward, however it is customary for some to give gifts to those who go above and beyond to show that they are more then just simple neighbors.However, the Utopia will learn and understand the concept of currency because they will trade with the outside world and they understand how it revolves around certain paper money or minted coins. The committee made up of five leaders will decide on outside trading and also vote on what is most needed in the community almost once a month, this allows people to decide what important things can be imported in that would be otherwise hard to receive themselves.Any type of resource that is unavailable would then be traded for if it is sorely needed among the others or even if it is as simple as a beautification stone fountain that can be placed in the middle of the community to be shared and enjoyed by all. The community is expected to treat everyone with respect and kindness and it is taught at a young age that excessive mocking is extremely wrong. While it is definitely accepted that there are times when joking is okay as long as it is not let out of control, because fun is important to growth as long as no one gets hurt in the process.

To be more precise children will not be frowned on for being children, they will simply be educated and taught to understand the difference between what can be taken as fun and what can be shown as insult. If there are problems that persist within the community of families that might start a feud for whatever reason the entire community tries to address the issue, however unfortunately not all issues will end very happily. In many cases there will usually be an aggressor and a defender.In a case where both sides have been warned the people within the family causing the problems may be excommunicated and sent out of the community temporarily or even permanently among one of the trading vessels that come to and from the small community.

Depending on the situation this will vary but it is something that must be done because while it is understandable to have issues, it is not acceptable to vocally continue to have problems and drag the community apart as an entire whole.For the others in the communities and the survival of their happiness and peace people will sometimes need to accept their differences and leave their issues at the doors of their own homes. This does not mean that people do not have the right to express their displeasure, it just means that they do not have the right to attempt to incite a war between an already peaceful and community making the attempt to be perfect for the group and the individual as an entire whole.